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A black box

A black box

By smile

Through the hustle and bustle of the city stood a girl in a black jumper on a street corner. Her eyes darted from one space to the next, taking in everything from the great marble statue to the lone piece of paper being carried across the ground by the wind. Anyone could see that she was desperately seeking something so she tried not to look so obvious. She saw the mothers with their wailing children and heard the honking of incessant cars. She was only looking for one thing in particular though.

There it was! Underneath that bench in the park. The little black box sat looking anonymously placed with every right to be there. She walked purposefully towards the bench trying to blend in with her surroundings and suppressing her excitement. She knew, however, that once rush hour was over, she would be in trouble.

She got to the bench and stood still, straining her ears for a sound, any sound, to help her locate the leaver of her box. Was it that woman striding hand in hand with a child to the marble statuue? Maybe it was that man on the opposie side of the park walking his dog. It could be anyone! She gave an exasperated sigh. Her search was futile. She rumaged around in her purse, managing to find a set of keys to drop to the ground. She pushed them out of her purse and exclaimed loudly. She knelt down and pretended to be searching for them when in fact she was feeling the sides of the box. It was too big to fit in her purse. She would have to get a bag to put it in but she would look weird walking into a shop with a box. However, the risk was too great. She would have to take it with her.

She saw some people looking at her strangely. Probably wondering what the hell she was doing under there. She grabbed her keys and put them on the now very imposing box. She started to walk away, looking frequently over her shoulder in case someone had seen her take the box. She got away safely but she wasn't going to open the box now. Who knew what was in it?

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28 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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