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Black Dress

Black Dress

By Me

A dream,
The same since childhood.
Again and again I had it,
When I didn't I'd often brood.

We'd run all around,
And often hear, quite strange sounds.
Sneak and hide 'till we taste bile,
On the lamb all the while.

But what's strange, I must say,
Was that it was ALWAYS day.
No matter how much we'd run,
The only light was from the bright, red, sun.

Yet we were in a city,
My 8 companions and I.
We entered houses, each one with a sigh,
Finding nothing after nothing, felt like a lie.

Each time I'd dream this special dream,
I'd fall in love with a different person, it seems.
Every time, I'd doubt myself less and less,
But I could NEVER identify the girl in the dress.

She was kind've tall and oh, so clever,
When I was told to kill her, I said I could never.
We brought her with us every time, in each dream,
My other companions, I knew before, I deemed.

We'd find a place to rest and gather energy,
We looked at stars until they took her from me.
Dream turned nightmare and the sun turned black,
I screamed and ran, wishing and praying for things to go back.

I bled and cried,
My only thought was if she'd died.
Then a coward I stopped being,
I finally bacame what SHE was seeing.

A hero I was,
She was safe and I was the cause.
We held each other, and healed what burned,
Until I woke and never returned.

My life moved faster than forseen,
But that girl was always my queen.
I thought of her and thought of the past,
Until I forgot about them all, but she was forgotten last.

But now YEARS have passed and I dreamed yet again.
To realize, only to my distress,
I know the girl...In the dark. Black. Dress.

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About This Story
1 Jul, 2011
Read Time
1 min
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