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Black to the Past

Black to the Past

By Zamininc

A voice on the intercom spoke suddenly

"Alright, the United States government has chosen you three men for this mission. Chris Dorner, George Zimmerman, and Trayvon martin. In your time working with us you have shown great talents in what you do. One of you please read the document you see in front of you. For this mission, Chris Dorner will be the squad leader."

Chris Dorner walked up and picked up the document and proceeded to read it in a sexy black voice. The document stated that the trio would be sent back in time from the current year of 2058 to destroy the most evil threat to mankind, Whitney Houston. Her music was so horrible it caused over a billion suicides in the year 2030.

Chris then signalled for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman to enter the time travel pod. Trayvon was the last to enter as he was nervous.
"B-but how will we get back?" asked Trayvon.
"The watch on your arm. When we complete the mission we will press the big red button and be sent back to our current time." replied Chris Dorner

Chris gave George Zimmerman the heads up to press the button to send them back in time to febuary 10th, 2012. Chris decided as the squad leader to have a day to prepare for the assassination. The three ate at dennys as time travel takes a lot of energy out of a person. Suddenly Chris Dorner spoke up

"So, Trayvon. I'm worried about you kid, you seem more worried than normal."
"It's alright Mr. Dorner, I'm just kind of new to this time traveling stuff."
Chris smiles and said
"Don't worry, all three of us have been trained for this mission, it will be a cakewalk."
"I hope so" George Zimmerman commented.

The pancakes the trio ordered arrived at their table. The waitress was a fine pretty young thing in her late teens or early twenties. Trayvon had to resist his animalistic urges to rape her right then and there. The pancakes has a heavenly aroma that smelled great. Trayvon noted that his pancake kind of resembled Chris Dorner's head and pointed it out to George and Chris.

"I mean, what if the watch doesn't work?" asked Trayvon.
"There's very little chance of that. Don't worry about it." responded George.
"George is right, don't be worried Trayvon."
"But what if it doesn't?" asked Trayvon.
Chris frowned and his voice took on more of a depressing tone and said "It's alright, if the watch doesn't work then well... We're going to have to kill one of the squad members. We've all been implanted with a device that will contact the present if we die. They will take it as a distress call and will sent people back to help us."
"But! But what!" was all Trayvon could say before he stormed out of the building, stabing his pancake viciously with his all his force.
"I'll go talk to him" said George Zimmerman before Chris nodded

George Zimmerman walked on to the city streets. The cities of pre-2030 were as beautiful as he imagined. Of course he saw all of this before when walking into the dennys but never appreciated this. Street venders peddling bull**** was a rare sight in 2058, but apparently not in 2012. George Zimmerman walked up to Trayvon.
"Trayvon, even if the watches don't work it doesn't matter. There's nothing we can do about it now."
"Yeah... I guess you're right." Trayvon added
"Is there anything we can do to make you feel better before the mission?"

It is now the day of the mission. The sun is glistening and the trio are ready to kill the vicious she-devil Whitney Houston. They arrive on top of a high skyscraper waiting for Whitney Houston to pass in a car as their information led them to believe. As planned the three, armed with anti material rifles, looked out their scopes waiting for Whitney when suddenly a pink car passed.

"Yo, that's the bitch!" said Trayvon
Chris Dorner glanced over to confirm it was her and then proceeded to say "Fire!"

The three fired at least a hundred times into the car, making sure they killed Whitney Houston. When they were done the car was more wrecked than Hilary Clinton's crusty vagina. The three proceeded to press the button on their watches but somehow, they didn't work.

Chris Dorner said in a depressing tone of voice "Well... How should we choose who dies?"
"No one! No one needs to die!" said Trayvon Martin, fearing for his life.
"We could just live here in the past, with Whitney Houston gone it won't be as bad as we thought." George Zimmerman added.

A little bit over a year past. George Zimmerman is attending the funeral of his friend and squad leader Chris Dorner. Chris died of a stabbing wound to the eye.
"Chris... I don't know who did this to you. But I promise I will find then and I will make them pay!" cried Zimmerman.

A few months past. Zimmerman is doing his regular patrols as part of the neighborhood watch when he noticed a suspicious black teenager that looked strangely like Trayvon Martin. Curious, Zimmerman went in to investigate.

"Hello? Is that you Trayvon?" asked Zimmerman.
"Yes, yes it is" replied Trayvon Martin.
"Oh god I've been wondering where you were Trayvon, did you know Chris Dorner died?"
"Yes, and do you know who killed him?"
George Zimmerman fell silent, you could hear a pin drop in the distance.
"Do you know what he told me right before I killed him? That in order for the distress call to be made two of us have to die." said Trayvon
"You don't have to do this Trayvon, think of all the KFC in the present time" George Zimmerman pleaded.
"YOU'RE GOING TO DIE TONIGHT" Trayvon martin yelled while sprinting towards George Zimmerman.
Then suddenly, a mysterious figure propped out of the shadows and shot Trayvon Martin point blank in the chest.
"W-who are you" implored George Zimmerman.
"It's me, Chris Dorner" replied the figure.
"But you're dead, I was at your funeral!"
"You can't coroner the dorner."

Author Notes: Enjoy

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15 Jul, 2013
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