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Blind Love Part.1
Blind Love Part.1

Blind Love Part.1

BookNerd123Black Sheep
1 Review

Alex Sweet's pov.

My mom is a doctor,so I wonder down the halls of Wastenburg Eye Clinic. Yes, I know what your'e thinking, "What kind of sixteen year old boy hangs out with there mom on a saturday?" ME, I do.

I love hanging out with my mom, so yeah. I turn the corner and smash! Falling back I bang my head on the floor, I brush myself of getting to my feet. A boy with dark shades and a cane clutched in his right hand sits on the floor, looking just left of my head, and a confused look on his face.

He has a splash of freckles, brown eyes, and dusty blond hair. If he wasn't my mom's patient I would go after him but he is probably my mom's patient.

"Sorry," I say grabbing the boy's hand and pulling him to his feet. "It's fine," he has a soft gentle voice. "I'm Alex," I say just realizing I was still holding his hand and dropping it. "Case," he says and starts to walk away.

"Do you need help getting back to the desk?" I ask. The boy freezes,"just because I'm blind dosen't mean I am hopeless." With that he stomps off.

Author Notes: Tell me what you think...

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Black Sheep
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28 Feb, 2020
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