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Blind Love part.4
Blind Love part.4

Blind Love part.4

BookNerd123Black Sheep

Case Brown's pov.

Alex has a soft laugh, not exactly quiet, but soft. "Yes, I quess you aren't deaf but how did you know it was me?" I shake my head,"I didn't." I can imagine the look on his face; eyebrows pulled together, mind frozen in comperhension, and smiling slightly cause he cannot help it.

I smile to myself at the image, maybe it isn't real, but its mine. I shake my head, I don't know him, and his mom is my doctor. I should just ask him out on date, I mean why not?

"So, Alex." I say gathering my courage, "would you like to go on a date?" I hear the sharp intake of breath and the smile on his face. My heart speeds up, beating against my ribcage, and I swallow to see if it will make it easier to breath.

"Yes," I smile and turn towards the sound of his soft laugh, gentle smile, and his loud but calm voice. I sense it as he moves closer, I know he is inches away, and yet it seems like miles.

"I want to kiss you," he says and I nod without thinking. His soft lips press to mine, I feel his hand slide into my hair, and I push closer. Smiling into the kiss as our chests touch, and I breath in the smell of his breath, he tastes of mint.

Author Notes: I hope this is good but I'm not done yet.

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Black Sheep
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3 Mar, 2020
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