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Blind Love Part.5
Blind Love Part.5

Blind Love Part.5

BookNerd123Black Sheep

Alex Sweet's pov.

Case sits in my passener seat, drumming his finger on his knee, and bobbing his head. "What are you singing?" I ask, smiling at his pink checks.

"Nothing," Case claims. He has a soft voice kind of low like he dosen't use it much. "What movie are we seeing?" He asks changing the subject. "We aren't. Movie's are so cliche, so what do you want to do?" I ask, smiling, and then I notice how stunned he looks.

"No movie. "How about the book store?" He asks voice sort of shaky. "You can read to me." I smile,I love to read.

"Sounds fun," and I pull int the parking lot.

Author Notes: Tell me if I should write another chapter or if this should be the end....

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Black Sheep
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4 Mar, 2020
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<1 min
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