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Blind Love Part2
Blind Love Part2

Blind Love Part2

BookNerd123Black Sheep

Case Brown's

I hate it, being blind. All I ever see is darkness, no light filters through. Even if the light filtered through I wouldn't be able to see it, How Fucking Lovely?

I fill the soft sheets of my bed beneath me and the pillow beneath my head. I cannot help but think of that boy, I could tell by his voice. He wouldn't drop my hand but thats okay because he had soft skin.

Smooth, warm, and he seemed nice but I was an asshole. I technically told him to get lost. Maybe I will see him tommorow, I have another appointment.

"Case, honey, time for dinner." I hop off my bed clutching my cane and I stumble into the kitchen.

I live in a house I've never seen.

Author Notes: Please tell me what you think..

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Black Sheep
About This Story
28 Feb, 2020
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<1 min
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