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Block 54

Block 54

By mjen

She stared at the empty house, soon it will be filled with victorian furniture. Tamra lived for riches after all. The maid sat down on the bench next to her ''Simply beautiful, who are you sharing it with?'' she asked. Tamra laughed ''me, myself and I'' she replied. The maid shook her head and walked away muttering. ''Nosy pig'' Whipered Tamra. She decided to take a break and lie down, it was very late, very, very late.

She awoke to find her house done up with furniture. She smiled to herself. She had loved New York ever since she was little. She never dreamed about living in it again after .... The boyfriend thing. She wondered if he ever moved. Maybe not, he was studying to be a doctor in New York when she left. He was proberly happyily married to that slut. Blond hair, blue eyes she looked like a fake barbie doll. Maybe I could go out for a drink, to cheer myself up thought Tamra.

The bar smelled like stale bread but it didn't turn off Tamra. She sat down sipping away. From across the bar he couldn't believe his eyes Tamra? He sat down beside her ''You have the nerve to show your face here'' he said. She turned to face him. ''E'd are you talking about me?'' He looked uncertin but nodded. She laughed. ''Me? I wasn't the one getting married'' Tamra said. He stared at his hands and she did too. ''It didn't last then?'' Tamra asked. He nodded going red. He expected her to laugh. He expected her get up and leave. She sat staring at him instead. ''She isn't worth the dirt on your shoe'' Tamra scolded. He swallowed. ''Well it was nice to talk again'' she said getting up to leave. He stared after her. ''WAIT'' he shouted at her running for her. ''I, you, Iv'e gone pennyless'' he finshed. ''Why are you telling me?'' she asked.

He woke up on the couch. Tamra shook her head ''get up and dressed'' she said leaving the room.

More to come no time.

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13 Nov, 2011
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1 min
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