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Blood in the school shower

Blood in the school shower

By angel

"Hey I really got to go my mom is buging out here on the phone.... sorry" says her friend "oh it's ok go on Im gonna be a while I have to take a shower here in the gym haha im all sweaty" she says as she can smell her B-O and smiels. Her friend leaves and its just her she takes off her cloths certin shes alone and gets in the shower "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the shower hisses. As she washes her hair and body she suddenly sees the lights flicker and stops in her tracks "hello??" she asks in a yellish voice "Kelsea is that you dont play games with me you know I scear easly!!'. No reply mabey it was just the faulty wiering and continues then she hears a sudden squeck and frezzes in fear then feels a warm breath on her neck and terns around. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she screams so loud and gets pushed against the wall full of blood with a knife in her chest there left a body print of blood and there she laid on the floor dead.

8 Years Later

"Ok home girl I gots to go" says her amiga "NO!!!! please dont go!! you remember that story about that girl that died here in the shower.... remember she was killed and raped by this guy!!!" she tells her friend as she holds on to her arm. "Oh ok ill stay :)" says her amiga "Thank you Thank you!!!" she says with realife and takes off her cloths and gets in the school shower and starts with her hair as her friend talks to her waiting inside the locker room. Suddenly the light flickers "Did you see that?!?!" they yell at the same time the girl comes out of the shower covering herself with a towle "OMG dont do that again!!!' she yells "B-B-But I didnt!!" she says back. Her friend looks down at her feet and sees them coverd in blood and screams! And she looks down at her feet and screams at the sight of the blood and looks in the shower and there right in that exact spot was a bloody body print and there on the floor was the blood of the girl that died 8 years ago. Thats when they remembered on that very day thats when the girl was killed and raped.

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About This Story
10 May, 2010
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2 mins
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