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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

By TwinsareUniversal

Blue eyes jumped into her bed, after a long day at school. She slowly drifted off to sleep, to a place where she can be herself.

Blue eyes found herself on a bed of fluffy clouds, like a fluffy teddy bear or cotton candy. She hopped from cloud to cloud, gracefully gliding in her dreamland. A day at school was stressful, now coming to this was glorious. The sky was a pretty pink, the sun shining and she, had a wondrously long, flowing dress that made her seem like an angel. Blue eyes hoped this dream would last forever, not ever having to return to the evil, grim world that she wished she didn't have to live in. Her idea of a world is earth, only better. Dogs would be able to talk, everything was beautiful and humans would be the kindest people ever. Aliens would wear dresses, the stars would dance. Rainbows would be the sun, rain would actually be lemon drops. No tears would be shed in this world of hers.

School wouldn't have to exist here, only those who wanted to attend school could. The poor would be the rich, the rich would be locked away and those who are nice can only stay in. Blue eyes loved bedtime, as it meant no more earth and hello dreamland. She never stops dreaming, and never will. High hopes she had for the future, maybe developing a new world. Blue eyes enjoyed a lot of things that didn't mean anger or sadness, but instead a lot of things that only she could see or think as it made her deliriously happy. Everyday, waking up with a smile and coming home with attitude. Attitude wasn't her favourite thing either, so of course to get rid of it she went to dreamland. Blue eyes stayed asleep for another while and didn't wake up just yet...


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1 Dec, 2017
Adventure, Fantasy
Funny, Feel-Good, Fan Fiction

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