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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

By TwinsareUniversal

Surprisingly, despite his ire and indignant annoyance, that remark from the wise old headmaster still managed to sock Harry in the gut. He'd anticipated anger, in the back of his mind he remembered the kind of fits of rage Vernon Dursley would go into when Harry really screwed up, but this was completely different. There wasn't anger so much as there was sadness. Wounded feelings, shaken trust. It settled sickly in Harry's stomach. He'd not been braced for that. "Have you any excuse for yourselves?" Dumbledore asked. Just then, Harry wished they had. At least something other than the truth, which they mustn't tell him. But he wished they had an answer that would take the disappointment out of Dumbledore's voice. Harry dropped his eyes to the floor and pinched his lips tightly together. This hurt was really unexpected. "We… Harry and I…" Hermione faltered, whether on the lie or perhaps plagued by the same crush of guilt as Harry he couldn't say. "We just… we wanted to be alone… together." Dumbledore didn't speak for a time, and Harry couldn't bring himself to look up from the rug. When the headmaster did speak, it was still in that damnable tone of having been let down. "Honestly, I expected more from you both." Hermione made a few noises, false starts of perhaps appeals to Dumbledore's kindness, but they never quite made it into words. Harry knew he would have done no better. "Do not mistake me; I am not reprimanding your courtship unto itself. I have been headmaster of Hogwarts for a long time and have watched countless friendships blossom into relationships within this school's walls…" Harry looked up at that. He found Dumbledore perched on the edge of his desk looking back and forth between him and Hermione. "I even try to be understanding of the fact that you two, especially Harry, have faced trials and life-changing challenges beyond your years. "But even that does not excuse your behavior. You knew how important it was, for you

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1 Dec, 2017
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