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Blue sky,sunshine and depression

Blue sky,sunshine and depression

By iimochi

The clouds hovered over the high school on a windy day. The shivering crowd stood under shelter as the breeze blew harder with depression amongst them and sunshine was elsewhere.rnrnEvery other sunny day was florshing with friendship between to the two students but who knew it would be something more. Standing side by side in the warmth,smiles plastered on their faces with laugher filling their hearts.rnrnThe rustling of leaves scattering the dirt floor as she once again back where her rays couldn't shine. Watching as depression found his own source of light with another slowly dimed sunshines beauty and glow.rnrnSitting by the bench with her rainbow coloured ice cream melting in the light. She didn't look up as ,sunshine feared depression,rejection and isolation. Three simple words difficulty said ,stuttered past her trembling lips. His eyes looking away,muttering the same words back. Sunshine began to glow her best as she felt this certain spark in her core.rnrnUnbearable pain watching clouds blur him with her ownership looks, shadowing him from sunshine. Who was she? She was the blue sky. Stretches beyond the horizon and spends her time with no one other than depression.rnBlue sky, sunshine and Rain.

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22 Aug, 2011
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1 min
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