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Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf

By Amberheart

Twwwwaaaang!!!!!!!!!!! Arina looked at her arrow, embedded in the deer’s fawn coat. She walked over to retrieve it, and fell flat on her face… she automatically turned, checking behind her, her father had not raised her to be so careless. He had passed of the disease-of-no-cures a year ago, when she was just 12. She woke up and he was cold, and not breathing. Anyway, she thought, that was the past, this was the present and she had a deer to fetch before the hogs got it and devoured it right in front of her despairing, starving stomach.
But when she saw what she had tripped over her heart melted. A tiny, shivering wolf pup, its stomach distended from starvation, its dark blue fur matted and bedraggled. She scooped it up and put it inside her bear skin jacket, where it, to her surprise, snuggled against her jerkin as if she were its mother.
She then ran to her deer and tore out the arrow, using her penknife to cut a strip of meat for the cub. It, Arina thought, as it gobbled the meat, needs a name. She thought for many minutes as she fed the wolf, but she couldn’t think of a name which suited it.
She thought of Bluey, Titch and even just Wolf, but when she tried to use them they just didn’t sound right. Then, it came to her, Lupin, the name which rolled of her tongue perfectly.
She called it, and the tiny wolf turned its head and ran head first into her stomach, catching her off guard. A huge grin penetrated her frown, and her tinkling, bubbly laugh rose into her throat and erupted from her mouth, causing her to snort like an angry hog. Lupin looked up at her, cocking his head to one side, puzzled at the strange noise Arina had just emitted from her mouth. He made a few short growls in a sequence, which sounded oddly like a chuckle, which caused Arina to laugh even more.
In the end, when she finally stopped laughing she stooped to collect the deer and some wood to make a fire and start the long, 5 mile trudge back to her tent, but she didn’t care. From now on it was Arina and Lupin against the world… and she didn’t give a damn.

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16 Nov, 2011
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