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Book 2: The Adventure

Book 2: The Adventure

By Savage3footer - 3 Reviews

Synopsis of Book 1: Ramsey Doogetwadse

There were two best friends Ramsey and bob. People would call Bob a normal kid and Ramsey a freak who always did something weird. One day bob and he were in their secret spot and they were fishing and something got Ramsey pole and flew away into the sky out of the water. Bob and Ramsey went home and thought about it. This monster was named Azog Dirthead and was in Ramsey's house and they fought it. After that, they chased it to it’s home and fought it and they killed it. Or did they?


One day Ramsey was over at Bob's house. This is definitely a big change because usually, bob is always at Ramseys. Ramsey had stayed the weekend at Bob's house and is about to go home because he has school on Monday. So Ramsey puts on his jacket, shoes and grabs his things. Bob's parents have been painting the living room so Ramey grabs a roller on the way out. Bob comes running out of the kitchen with Ramsey's controller which he had left on purpose. Just as bob opens the door Ramsey turns around and starts painting bob! Bob yells, “stop, stop” Ramsey does not stop. When Ramsey was done he said, “wow you look just like Azog when we paintballed him”! “We both know he was ugly underneath,” Bob said. “I wonder if he's still alive,” said Ramsey. “We both know he died when we chased after him and you ramed him with the bucket on you're head”. “Heck you made a giant hole right through him,” said Bob. “Ya,” said Ramsey. Ramsey took his controller and they both said their goodbyes.

When Ramsey got home his mom had her hand in a venus flytrap’s mouth. Ramsey just walked past her and didn't even ask why. Ramsey was definitely weird but he had to of gotten it somewhere and that was his parents. Ramsey's mom was freakish and his dad was ludicrous. Ramsey was somewhere in between. When Ramsey got into the house he threw his stuff on the floor and went to the fridge. He opened the fridge with a blank stare when he opened it. There was milk in the fridge so he grabbed it. He looked at the date and it was expired in 3 years. He got a cup and poured some milk into it. He took a sip of the milk just as his mom was walking into the house. His mom tripped over all of his stuff. Surprisingly she still had the venus fly trap on her hand. Ramsey went over to help her up as his dad jumped through the doorway. He accidentally knocked the milk out of Ramsey's hand and spilled it all over everyone. To everyone in the world they would smell bad, but for them, they don’t care. They had to go to the grocery store that day not because all of their food and drinks are bad, but because they want soup. Lots and lots of soup.

So they all got in their Audi A6 it cost $71,900. As they were walking into the store Ramsey wandered off to a man hiding in a car on the other side of the store. Ramsey’s parents did not notice him walking away. When he got to the cart the man jumped up and scared Ramsey so much he fell to the ground. The old man pulled out two paddles and started down the parking lot. Ramsey grabbed a blanket that was tied to the cart. The man’s cart accelerated at a furious pace. Ramsey now screaming is flying through the air holding on for dear life. The old man’s cart is about to hit someone…….. It’s bob! The cart came to an abrupt stop. Ramsey flew to the front of the cart but did not hit the ground instead he floated right above it! Ramsey got to his feet. He and Bob stood and looked at the man with a blank stare and all they could say was bu...bu. I…..but…..yo….you…….how…. The man mimicked them. They all stared at each other. The silence was broken by a man honking his horn. It turns out they were on the road! The man said, “hop in”! They got in the cart and the man pulled out the paddles and they were off. The man again was off at a furious pace. He was headed straight into the Greasy Fry at the pace of a jet at top speed. They burst through the door and flew over the counter and into a swirling portal. The cart was still speeding headed into a pool of lava! They all screamed and jumped out of the cart as fast as they could. Once Bob and Ramsey stood up they looked at the old man. He said “I'm sure you guys have a whole bunch of questions but they will have to wait”, I did not think that we would end up on this side but we did.” My name is Geletoson. Now we need to move quickly! We do not have my cart anymore so when we get to the other side we will buy a new one. We will have to walk many miles, so keep up and don’t fall behind. So they started walking as Ramsey remembered the store and his parents. Ramsey was now very worried and thinking that his parents would be so furious when he got back. He tried to forget about it on the walk by looking at nature but really it was a barren wasteland with pools of lava, fire, and it was very hot. On the way, Bob started asking Ramsey questions like where he found this man, and who he is. Ramsey explained everything. On their journey to Holefart they rarely saw anything and when they saw even a week it was burned in an instant. After a few hours, they were finally out of the lava wasteland, now they were in a desert. Suddenly there was a loud rumble in the earth. Geletoson yelled, “Run everybody hurry”. As everyone was running the ground started shaking and there they saw the edge of the woods where Holefart is somewhere in. As they reached the woods there was a bird looking men flying down from the trees and then the rumbling stopped. They thanked the men, but as they were saying their thanks something shot out from the ground!


Find out in the next book!!!

Author Notes: Made By Savage3footer!

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15 Aug, 2018
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