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A Book Of Thoughts

A Book Of Thoughts

By heythere

    If you wrote down everything you have ever said, it would be a pretty long book. Extremely long, in fact. Maybe your book would be longer than someone's or shorter than someone else's. Maybe half of the words would be lies. Maybe half of the words would be the truth. Maybe you regret all of it or maybe you're happy about every sentence of it. Maybe you wouldn't want anyone to read it or maybe you've already picked out the title and maybe even what the cover would look like.
    But here's the thing: your book is written in permanent ink. Everything you wrote down is public. Anyone can read it and everyone has. People judge you on this book. They hate you for this book. They love you for this book.
    You can't erase the words in your book. You can only try to forget them.
    Don't lose hope yet because here's the good part. There's another story no one has ever read besides you. It's called "Your Thoughts"and it's amazing. Even when you lie to yourself, your thoughts are always true. They say so much about you even when you don't utter a single word. Your thoughts are the things that cause you to hate, that cause you to love.
    The best part is that this book will never be published. No one has to know what you're thinking. And that, my fellow human being, is why I think we're a truly magical species.

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22 Nov, 2015
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1 min
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