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By Twinpairs


“What can I do?”, Larry asked himself. All the hobbies he had tried in his 57 years seemed either too physical, his health was failing, or too complicated for his aging brain. “Something new, Something fun.”, he thought. A short story, that's it, I'll write a short story! He had made his decision and the journey began...

Fred, an old retired man was sitting home and bored. He had heard that when bored, do something, anything. It had never quite worked for him because when he was bored, something and anything seemed, well... boring! He heard his dog bark outside and decided that he would do something for his old friend, something new, something fun. He would have it ready by the time darkness came and Fido came into the house for the night.

Now Fido was a peculiar dog. He didn't like treats. He didn't like toys. He barely even liked attention. He always wanted to be anywhere but where he was. If he was out doors he wanted to come in, if he was in doors he wanted to go out. The only food he really cared for was “people food” and that he really, really enjoyed, even begged for it. But that was not the answer. Fred had cooked Fido people food before and it was gulp gulp gone and Fido would want to be somewhere else again. Besides, that was not something new, and cooking was not fun, for Fred! He was stuck with what to do for his old friend.

Now Fred thought and thought and thought some more. Nothing came to mind. Then the idea finally popped into his head. He would take Fido on a road trip! Now, he was getting excited, “Where would Fido like to go? What would he like to do?”. The ideas came like lightening. He knew exactly where they would go and what they would do! And, it wasn't even dark yet. Plenty of time for the trip, today.

Fido was excited to see the car door open instead of the house door. He leaped into the car. Front seat, back seat, back and forth he ran. As the car started to move he poked his head out the window. He loved the wind in his face. Water running out his eyes, lips flapping, and best of all he was not where he was just one minute ago! Fido was curious when Fred stopped at the store and put something in the trunk but really just wanted to get moving again, somewhere, anywhere.

As Fred pulled into the parking lot of the old fishing hole where he spent his summers at as a kid, Fido was taking in all the scenery. Open field, big pond, squirrels, and birds. He couldn't wait to get out of the car and run. And, that's exactly what he did when Fred opened the car door. He ran and ran and ran.

He ran until he heard Fred calling him. To his surprise, Fred had a large loaded pizza, just for him! He gulped, gulped, gulped, and gulped, until finally it was gone. It was the best (and most) pizza he had ever eaten. Wore out and stuffed, the trip home somehow seemed longer and the wind was not quite as much fun, but still enjoyable.

At home again, Fred sat down to watch some TV. He heard a noise at the door. Fido wanted to go outside.

… Larry was bored, no more.

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About This Story
19 Feb, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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