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Borrowed angels part 2

Borrowed angels part 2

By Holliebug

I had you in my life for 8 wonderful years.7 of those you didn't suffer.You were a normal 7 year old boy.Then it was 4 of July weekend after soccer practice you had a terrible headache so we made an appointment for the next day.But we also noticed something Scary.Your eyes didn't line up like a lazy eye and you would tilt your head to one side we were alarmed.The next day our lives were forever changed.After a CT scan we were pulled aside and said you had DIPG-Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma a tumor in the brain that was inoperable.You started chemo but you called it the icky medicine.So far your chemo was shrinking the tumor.But your tumor gives you a lifespan of 12-15 months and that's If the chemo keeps working.We started you on a oral chemo so you could live the rest of your life not in the hospital but that didn't last long.We went to Disneyland and when we came back you had to have a feeding tube inserted because you could no longer swallow.When we went in for your MRI we found it would be your last.The tumor was increasing rapidly and stopped responding to chemo.My baby had 1 month to live.Your last month was spent at home with constant pain medication then you slipped away.I will always remember and love you my borrowed angel

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27 Feb, 2011
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