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Borrowed angels part 3

Borrowed angels part 3

By Holliebug

I remember that day crystal clear,like it was yesterday even though it has been 4 years.You were walking home from school with a friend you were a meer 11 years old.Then you got in a fight with her and she went a different way.I was at home preparing your snack it was your favorite apples and peanut butter and cherry Kool-Aid.It was about 3:45 when I started to worry trying to compose myself I thought if she's not home by 4:00 I'll go look for her.3:48,3:51,3:55,3:59,4:00 still not here I expected you to be at hannahs house even though you were told to come right home!I drove down the street to hannah's house.her mother answered the door."is jacee here I asked?" "no she's not they got in a little fight." "Is everything ok?" no I replied she hasn't come home.I drove around our block 16 times then to the school then back home.I then decided to call the police.Your father came home to find me crying while talking to police."physical description they asked." umm she's about 4"9 73 pounds blonde hair green eyes she's wearing cropped jeans a pink tshirt with a zebra print heart on it and pink flip flops and a Peace sign's purple.They put out an amber alert.1,2,3 days 1,2,3 weeks 1,2,3 months without you no leads no clues nothing.untill the 1 year anneversery of your dissapearence.I planned to sulk in bed all day when I got a horrible call."Ma'm whe think we found your daughter...dead." I went to the police station and saw you stuffed in a bag I could barely recgonize you.My poor baby was beaten,sexually assulted,and locked in a room for 5 days no food no water then killed,stuffed in a bag and thrown away like trash.My angel wasn't trash she was a beautiful,innocent little girl with her whole life ahead of her

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10 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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