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Boxer and the Cop

Boxer and the Cop

By alexander

We sit on the edge of the porch on see the whole town spread out below us all the lights twinkling like the stars, " that's the place were we can make our dreams come true " I say looking to my best friend he smiles back "yep lets do it man forge our dreams" we set off down the mountain which we had been since we were children. My name is James and my best friends name is Jerome we had lived up hear since our neighbour hood had been burned down when we were 13. How we survived up there? you may be asking well my aunt took both of us in and that was where she lived and so us as well, that was until she had past away just last week the last thing she said to do when she died was to head back to the town and do what we most wanted to do that was it. There was a little cash left around £200 quid each so we left there and went back, in my first night I got into a fight with two big football guys because they nocked into me and shouted at me for spilling there drinks, they lost. A guy with a scar on his arm was watching the fight and came up to me after it " hey you, Kid, do you want a job , I have got something you would be great at" I looked at him with distrust " What is it?" he smiled and you could see he had two teeth missing " A place where you can fight and get paid lots" I had nothing else to do Jerome had gone to chase his dream he knew what he wanted. I had no idea what I wanted so "Yea alright" that was all.

Jerome I went over to the police station after asking a few people where it was and when I got there it was dark and the cold was setting in , I knocked on the doors then seeing that no one could hear me I opened them and saw a police man sat on a bench behind a desk reading a book, he looked like that chair was stuck to him and would go with him " excuse me sir do you know how I can join the police force?" he looks up and grunts "how old are you son?" "nineteen " he grunts again " forms are on the left fill it out and come back tomorrow" I found the grubby application forms and started to right down until I got to place of residence. I look up and the police man is watching me " wha-what if you don't have a place to live at the moment?" he sighs " just put down the police station for now" I fill in the last bits and hand it to him he reads over it "hmm your good with dogs? could be useful, well we will see you at 7am for training" I run out of the station and back to the meeting place where me and James promised to meet.

The basement is dark and smells of blood and sweat and yet I feel calm when I enter it with the scar guy " this is where you will fight every night , if you do well the boss might take you on for more work better pay too" he smirks at me as he says this. I don't say anything just look at the room with its make shift ring, " you game son?" he looks at me "sure why not when do I start fighting? " he smiles at that " week Monday" I look at my watch and see its time to meet up " right I'm off " and start to run he shouts at me " A WEEK Monday lad!! " I don't bother looking back he knows I will come. I see Jerome sitting at the place and feel happy to see him " hey man shall we get a room to sleep in? " he stands up " yea sure could do with some sleep "

I wake up at ten to six and grab a shower while James sleeps its been three years since we first started out in this town I have become a police officer and him a boxer apperntly but he has been coming home with cuts recently.
He groans as I get out " what time is it man? " "wenty past six dude" He likes having his own bed even though its cramped in this one bed flat we rent together. "Crist dude that early not ment to be up before midday " he rolls over and starts snoring again. I head into the office and get stared on the case I have been following for a few months, its an illegal betting ring and at the head is a drug lord, we want to take him down and all the scum with him.

My body wakes me up around midday after Jerome left so early again, my body aches from the fight last night it was close but the boss was there so I had to give it my all it's not good to fall out of his favour or you don't do it for long. I shower and get ready for the job the boss has set out for tonight protecting another client of his, also hopping not to get stabbed again, that's what happened on the last job.

We get a tip of at the office of something going down tonight and its supposed to be big. We all get ready for the big bust and this is our chance we arm up and start the brief.

The boss calls me on my phone " the client ahs arrived go pick him up and bring him to me unharmed this time!" the phone goes dead with that, I pull up out side the train station as a small guy who is built like a shit brick house comes out, he opens the door " Rodger wanted to see me? " he asks " all the way down the rabbit hole sir" he sighs and hopes into the car and we roll fast out of the station.

the chief officer looks at all of the team " he will hit them at seven when the sun is setting we have orders to kill all except for the boss we want him alive the higher ups want to make an example of him" we all nod the higher ups were scary people indeed.

We roll into the bosses base and I jump out and open the door for the guy, he nods once and I walk in behind him.
The boss nods once at the arrival of the guy and I step back in line with te rest of the bodyguards. They begin talking it goes on for hours.....

Surronding the base was easy no probleams at all we had to take out two guys watching the gates , " Team Alfa Ready to ram? " a voice from the office crackles in my ear. "we are ready and waiting control " I reply as calm as I can be " then you are given the green light go go go" we smash down the doors and charge in shooting as we do so .

Suddenly the room starts to fill will gun shooting " shit they have finally come for me you guys go and deal with them" he gestures to us, we all head this is what we get paid for after all.

Suddenly there is return fire and some of the guys around me go down a few get up but two of them stay down I scream in my ears and start pushing forwards taking more guys down the team falls behind me, then I see him running towards me , but it can't be right James was meant to be at boxing why is he hear??? I can't stop even as I see him my gun has already gone off he goes down I see the bullets rip into his chest and legs.

The ass got me good and proper all I can do is let of one shot as I go down I hit his shin as I hit the flor it hurts so bad to breath....

I rip my Helmet off and sink to the floor, I lift his head up and he see's me and laughs " looks like we couldn't beat the town but it was fun right? best pal" he coughs laughing until he goes still the gun fire goes on all around me I can't move not and inch.

Well at least it was him to took my life away I wouldn't want anyone else to do it really that was my last thought as I died.

We one the fight and got the boss we lost 6 guys he lost 18 I got James cremated and scattered him on top of the hill, " looks like this is where you will rest man take it easy I will be there at some point"

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both and being one traveler long I stood and looked down one as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth.

A choice is a choice once you have made it stick by it for better or worse this is what our life is for, live it everyone.

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13 Mar, 2016
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8 mins
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