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A Brave Soul
A Brave Soul

A Brave Soul

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No son of the soil can toil what he cannot touch or see, for you I'm not yours, no one here is yours. You can hold these arms and whilst my skin, and thus I shall still not be yours, for you are nothing but a tyrant, a tyrant seizing control over us slaves, but you have forgotten the lord has made us all we are all humans, not just you, my lord, we slaves shall gain freedom, and establish the just in society, we shall obtain what we have not gotten for so long. mark My words, I shall fight now and until the day I finally come to an end the day my blood should seek its way into the hands of mother earth. I will establish freedom and obtain victory, and that day the day freedom will be given to us all I shall bedight the streets, and we shall all dance in ecstasy living the life of a dream and living unharmed

Everything reflects the golden rays of the sun, it seems so bright in comparison to the mortal kingdom, I have to keep my head down. Nothing has changed, of course. Slavery as means is still there. I think there shall come a time when the mortal cities will surpass in grandeur and luxury. And their weapons and warriors will be able to fell the mighty guards who stand watch because they change, and the Gods are stubborn and stuck in their way. Buildings rear either side of me, they are built to last thousands of years and are a rare sight, a vivid feast for the eyes. The novelty of them has worn off, in the distance is a bridge of many stone arches, each of them perfectly formed, it leads to my destination, the Palace of Gods. It is sat high upon a hill overlooking the city, many pointed towers stab blindly at the sky giving it the look of an eccentric crown, there I shall start my journey. Erstwhile Many years passed by, stretching as long as they could through the sand. The sun beat down without mercy upon them the people. The white men carrying a wisp in one hand as they rode on drays. The soldiers stay beside them blocking them from any danger. They walked forward chanting the words all hail the king, all hail the king. The crowd stopped dropping their belongings as they stood there to respect their almighty king. In the crowded lay Eleanor, she starred in disgust as the proud king blocked the streets of Sudan. All his people bowed their heads at their master except Eleanor who just blocked the understanding of the king being there she continued on doing her duties. Eleanor was a motherless child since 1841, she was born in Nyala was raised by her grandmother who passed away to the hands of the whites. Her grandma was all she had left now she lived her days in slavery working for her master, deep within she felt no mercy towards these people, thus she had to respect them as a sign of her generosity. the king to her was no leader but a demon from hell who does not care about his people or the circumstances they are in the injustice he has in society.
The king stepped down out of his chariot. To everyone his majesty was the one and only he was the god in this world he was just in this society, everyone else thus saw him as flawless, compatible but in my eyes, all I could see was a selfish person. He Proudly wore the garments of buffalo fur around his neck the linen of silk down his corset his beaded hat aligned everything else. He held his hand up high as if he were giving them a blessing.

The king walked proudly strolling down the streets, all the single ladies in the corner laughed and giggled in the corner, eager to impress the king with their beauty. Eleanor looked in disgust. She walked down the streets of Sudan carrying a bucket on her head as she headed toward the fish market. As she walked the stench of fish slowly made its way towards her, she covered her face up with her shawl blocking the stench of the fish.
“ I would like two fish please,” she asked
Her sound echoed in the distance, an elderly woman appeared, her hair what was before a frilly back curtain has now turned white, her porcelain face had withered by time and now there lay a frail layer of skin.
“ that would be two pounds dear,” the elderly woman stood there solemness, Eleanor took the two pounds that her master gave her and handed it into the woman. The woman took the coins as she stared deeply into Eleanor's green eyes.

“You, my dear, will be the one, the one that will make this injustice society be full of peace you shall spread freedom to all, fight for freedom, I can see it the hate u give towards these no good whites, I can see the good in you dear, one day you will bring this society to just and extinguish slavery for good.”

Eleanor left the market the face of an elderly woman still in her head. She returned home to her master who was laying on his sofa drinking his tea. She walked outside carefully avoiding her masters' attention as she brought herself to the balcony immensely gazing at the wonderful beauty that lay upon her. Eleanor stood there deeply in awe as The sun poured out its brilliant hot oranges and reds into the clouds like a pot of molten lava. Never before had she realized how tenuous and thin the tranquil clouds are. Wispy and frail, like they only just exist.

Just off by the coast she heard a loud thud against the hard concrete floor she fixed her attention to the city far away in the distance she could see large amounts of smoke pile up making its way into the sky. In the distance, she could hear the soft cries of the people.
Hasty she got up walking back inside seeing her master still asleep taking this opportunity she left outside knowing the risk it might cause her if she were found out to be outside without her masters' permission. She walked as fast as her swollen feet could take her.
There she saw numerous people laying on the floor helplessly unable to move, shocked she made her way to the closest victim seeing his face covered in blood, his arms sliced open with no mercy cast upon him, she knew he was one of their kind forced to work against their will. She helped him up her legs aching as she helped the hurt individual sit up. There in front of the victims lay the British the soldiers carrying their swords by their side. The acrid smell of stale gunpowder envelops her nasal cavities. The war has grudged on for two years now. The sanity is on the verge of extinction. Perhaps that is a good thing. At the very least, she'd be allowed to leave this nightmarish dystopia. As she looked around, all she can see is stray limbs and dead creatures - once fine young men, who now are no longer recognizable as human. Then the gunfire starts.
Right in front of her eyes, she saw someone collapse onto the ground like a helpless soul. She was determined to do something to help her fellow companions but what if she tried she was only one person and there in front of her lay a herd of soldiers seizing to gain control.
Off in the distance she noticed a faint glimmer, she got up swiftly moving to grab the familiar object carefully caressing the edges, she poked herself the blood oozing out of her finger, she tightened her grip on the silver sword now prepared to fight. A riot began soldiers from both sides fighting as victims fell to the ground into the hands of death itself.

men screamed in pain, clutching their grievous wounds as bows twang sending snakes of deaths into the never-ending army. The castle walls stood high defiantly in the face of such furious siege weapon it's proud to back straight. The siege towers lumbered on slowly at a snail's pace. "Fire!" The captain ordered suddenly as catapults unleashed waves of death destroying siege weapons and burning men alike. The sun beat down on them furiously as the heat wave continued unaffected at such chaos. Catapults and trebuchets fired from both sides furiously trying to gain the advantage. Rams battered at the gate as oil ran down with feet men ran in anguish as they were burnt from the magma substance they screamed until they couldn't until they rested into nothingness. The battle continued. So what if she was a woman she confronted, not only men do have the ability but so do we master. A whip was she got in return as her mercy towards these people she tumbled to the ground, but slowly got up again anger in her face as she did she held her grip on the sword more tightly as she turned around, The young woman was quick. She held the blade even, a perfect, undaunted horizon; always leveled with the nose, just as her father had taught her. She had stalled the man’s strike but watched a wretched, stained grin split the soldiers' lips as her blade shivered under the brutality of his compelling strength. “Weapons do not belong in the hands of women,” he throatily crooned, pressing closer to her face. The blade flashed as he brought it over his head and hummed a low, swift tune when he brought it down. With all her weight she brought it down piercing the sharp blade into the man's stomach struck by the sudden movement he stayed they're motionless then fell to the ground immediately. She stood up whipping the splatters of blood that was now all over her, and made her way towards the captain, “ here you have come, Eleanor, such a brave heart for just a slave you puny child but what you do not know is that slaves are meant to work not fight, this sword does not belong in your hands,” He sneered. The words were not a shock to her as she had been called a slave with no freedom many times but now she was furious enough to change this, to equalize the society to make it as a whole.
“ we shall see my lord, I shall die from old, I shall seek revenge from thee who brought injustice upon us, I will gain our right, we are humans only that our skin tone is different god made us all different no one is the same , we are different but that does not mean you can torture us like lost souls,”
Those were her last words, as a sudden force took her breath away, she looked around gasping for air, seeing the face of her master grinning stabbing the sharp object into her stomach. Blood sputtered out another brave soul demolished from this society.
“Dear Eleanor, say goodbye to your fellow dreams,”
Slowly as an hour clock, she fell to the ground, grinning as she knew she had won the battle gaining the freedom they wished for so long. She fell seeing her fellow friend Marylin shoot a bow straight through the captain's heart, Eleanor knew she was going to die, little did she mind dying she died establishing peace and gaining freedom.
I shall fight now and until the day I finally come to an end the day my blood should seek its way into the hands of mother earth. I will establish freedom and obtain victory, and that day the day freedom will be given to us all I shall bedight the streets, and we shall all dance in ecstasy living the life of a dream and living unharmed. She closed her eyes smiling soft smile as she recalled the promise she made to her father.

Author Notes: Please be free to comment and rate this story, please tell me what else I should write.

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2 May, 2019
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