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Breakfast (Letter To My Ex)

Breakfast (Letter To My Ex)

By boomman17

-They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but like any other true black person I enjoy breakfast when its not breakfast time.
-But breakfast is better in the morning because it’s fresh and sweet, to eat
-And J. Cole put it best we love it in the morning.
But I’m not talking bout them ego waffles & froot loops, or frosted flakes & orange juice.
I’m talking bout females.
-Cause as money comes and goes, girls popped in & out of my life like them wild berry pop tarts and I’ve been hurt so many times it’s like I’m the bulls eye for they emotional darts.
-And if the scoreboard was above my head, it would be 110 and still increasing
-Cause you see this girl I been with been flippin me so many times, I feel like a pancake. I mean I feel like a crispy burnt chocolate pancake.
-And she been flippin me like she be flippin reciprocals, but I told her the only way you know how to flip reciprocals is cause you a spoiled ass bitch and you don’t know what type of dress fit you.
-I mean she so spoiled, out of date milk taste fresh to death.
And rotten eggs be making some good omelets.
And burnt toast be good for making chibaddas.
And that too, strong coffee, remind me of her, bitter sweet.
-But I told her this her last chance
Cause she flipped me so much since ’11 I lost my flavor and taste for love.
-For me to find love again, I’d have to skip lunch and dinner and go straight to desert for my true love. And she been waiting patiently for me……and I thank her for that.
-Cause I don’t know too many women that would have waited.
And as she continues to wait, this bitch continues to drown me in her mess called emotional distress.
-I mean I’m addicted to her like God rest her soul Ms. Houston was addicted to crack
And if I get rid of her Ima be all fucked up.
-So fucked up that any other chick gone say “That nigga screwy in the head and I bet he wish he was dead.”
And I don’t blame them cause I’d be thinking the same thing too.
-Every time I say “Girl I’m through with you”, I go running right back
And when she breaks my heart again, my mind will be all off track.
-But I gotta be strong. Ima tell her “Girl I’m full I cant take no more.
I dun hade enough protean, no more nutrients. And if I gotta see another bagel with that cream cheese, Ima throw it to the streets and give the dogs time to eat.
-I’m tired of being fed your bullshit, with your hissy fits that leave me feeling wasted and tricked.
-I know you tired of me eating you just like I’m tired of being with you.
Then again, you probably love it cause you keep asking me to do it every time I see you.
-But I need some variety, something real, something new, something true.
-I know other niggas out here starving so quit trying to make me a spoiled rich kid like you.
-I’ve thrown up every time I ate you, so I’m going to move on with my day, I mean my life. And Ima be alright.
-But I wish you luck in life.
I’m leaving you tonight.
-And Ima give you something to think about, and let it round about in your mind.
-As you well know, Scorpios are savages and I’m the worst one, you a petty child to me. Like I said I’m done.
-But you would have another chance with me, except you fuckin lied.
I don’t give a fuck if you say you love me. I don’t care how many times you cried.
-You killing me with your wanna-be sprung shit. This is where I learn how to say no & quit.
-Truth be told: I did want to marry you, but that was before this shit went down. I’m not the one for you.
-Put it like this; don’t trip off this letter when you have a lie to take care of. Sorry asshole moment I mean when you have a kid to take care of.
-Not so much the kid but if you hadn’t lied, I’d be willing to take you back.
-However I refuse to be hurt again.
I refuse to be lied to again.
I will not be tricked again.
-I have one too many battle scars from your ass, 2 years worth in fact.
So what’s your excuse this time, “Baby I aint mean it. I want you back.”??
-Bitch swerve with that bullshit, you aint no were near that slick.
-But if you wanna here bout me, cop the album when it drop. This piece will be on here and this shit will have you hot.
-And when you here the whole thing, you’ll think to yourself “How’d I let this one get away?” A relationship built on lies, trust issues and devils in disguise has no chance to fly.
-I’m not gone stunt, I did some wrong too, but I regret nothing that I’ve done, except giving you my number. And now cause of that I hunger for something better.
-Don’t know when that’s gone come, cause the rest of these kids is practice.
But this just registered…………..I don’t even like breakfast.

Love always,
Your 2/7/11 LOL!!!!

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15 Nov, 2012
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4 mins
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