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Brighter Days

Brighter Days

By JustNicoleValiukas

Scarlet ribbons of liquid pain
Are flowing slowly, so calm,
Through the blue and raging veins,
Trickling down scarred arms.
Droplets fall onto the floor;
The wooden boards and tile,
And the blood and all the gore
Will stain for a fair while.
Just like our nation's sorrow,
They are here to stay.
Won't be washed away by tomorrow.
They'll never fade away.

Like the hate of the enslaved,
Who shudder at the words we say.
On the tombstones we engrave,
Built on promises of a brighter day.
But it's all lies, a bitter untruth.
To some of our citizens it is funny
To feed our starving youth
On meager drugs and money.
Laugh at them all- the dark freaks-
So orders the rich, powerful man.
Duct-tape the ones who try and speak,
They may expose your evil plan.

Take away our freedom, rights,
Then, instead of seeing a brighter day,
We'll have even more dark nights.
Isn't that where its headed, anyway?
This is a nation of the brave and free,
Or is that what we say just because we please?
You'd think WE of all people would be
More understanding of the refugees.
They see a "fag," start a fight,
And then they always try and preach
"Well, you see, it just ain't right."
Thanks, Australia, for freedom of speech.

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About This Story
29 Nov, 2014
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1 min
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