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By lastday20

As i looked into her eyes i saw a future, though i was not in it. As i looked into her eyes all i could say was, why cant you stay? She said i cant stay for all there is for me in this world is gone. Why should i stay if all i cause is you to be upset? I look in her eyes and say that such words are foolish and that i love her. She says that i love not her soul, but only her body. No, no,no, baby girl, i love you. Please dont leave,oh why cant you stay, im always here to say this, not because im being nice, but simply because i love you. She looks into my eyes and says, i cant stay even though you say that you love me, please dont make it hard for me. See in all blessed reality i am nothing but a part in the machine that is society, and with me it is broken. I look not into her eyes and say, the machine is already broken, not because of you, but because of humanity, we broke it. Not you, so please stay, why, oh why, do you have to go? Cant you see that my heart yearns for your love, my sweet dove. She looks into my eyes, looks into my soul, and with that she stabs her heart. I look at my love, deathly beauty in her now dead eyes, and i see that a world without her is not one for me. I look into the sky and in that i see the truth, a reality that was unknown to me, so with that i pick up her blade, and i with a longing gaze i bade the world farewell, then all turns black, darkest night in the sky in which we all reside. I awake in the woods of a place obscured by a mist, a mist so fine and soft, so much like a dream. It doesnt seem that all this could be real, so beautiful is this world that i cry at the magnificence of it all. Then i see a man in a cloak, a malevolent presence is he, i look into the mist and see that he is not a man, but a being. I turn to run, run deep into the mist, until a deathly grip grabs hold of my shoulder, i turn and see my loves deathly eyes staring into my soul. "Jody!" i scream as she tears my arm out of its socket. I scream and scream, she just laughs that sweet, sweet, laugh of hers. Then i am enveloped in a dark void in which all my pain goes away. I look at jody, and say, why couldnt we stay? She turns to me and says, but my love in this new home of ours we can always stay together, forever in our new home. She then leaps at me and drags me back into that mist, and i scream. Scream so loud, so loud, and then the pain, oh all that pain, returned to me in a heart beat. She looks into my eyes and for the last time says, tonight we both shall feast. I havnt an idea what she meant by that phrase, but then a bolt of light lit the mist and with that she was gone. And i awoke in a hospital room, i was soon informed that i was in a car wreck. My left arm was severed, and my love, jody, was the only fatality. Though in all my soul i know that my love had not perished in that accident, but in the mist. Forever in the mist my love now resides, till the very day i die. I was released from the hospital three months ago, and with a long sigh, i now rid this world of me, for i realize that i am the broken machine.

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2 Apr, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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