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Broken Friendships
Broken Friendships

Broken Friendships


How are you not supposed to miss your guy bestfriends when you don't have that bond with anyone else anymore? When you thought they were going to be there forever by your side, loving you, making you laugh, and having eachothers back. Losing two great friendships of mine around the same time really messed me up. I miss talking to them and being there for them. I did everything to protect them and to appreciate them in their own way. I thought I meant a lot to them, but they just didn't see me the way I saw them. Still hurts seeing them have a great, fun life with the people who ruined me. Makes me think of where did I go wrong? Even though they hurt me so much, I'd still take them back in a heartbeat. I just want to wake up back to the good old days and change things so I can still have my two special bestfriends I love more than I love myself.

Author Notes: sucks that I still miss them

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24 Dec, 2019
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