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A Broken Heart Never Heals </3

A Broken Heart Never Heals </3

By Popsiv12

Wow a teenager, it feels better than I thought it would. I have a whole new year in front of me, what could be better.
Well I better tell you a bit about my self I’m Poppy. Theirs nothing I love better than life. You couldn’t give me any amount of money to change my life. I had such an amazing group of friends a happy and healthy family and an amazing school life. My favourite colour was simply any thing bright and stands out. I love to be different and I’m known for my colourful and optimistic personality. But at school standing out wasn’t always appreciated.

Poppy! Stand up! ‘Poppy for the last time stop talking in class while I’m trying to teach a lesson’. ‘Yes miss, sorry miss’. God its only first lesson can this day really get any worse? Lesson 2: ‘Poppy! Go outside and spit that chewing gum out, then come and see me a lunch for detention! Ok the answer to my last question is yes, yes it can get worse.

I live in a small village with nothing in it, seriously the most exiting thing in it is an old peoples home. But it didn’t bother me, I didn’t know any different. There isn’t many of us in our ‘Crew’.
Well its normally best to start stories at the beginning but I’m not going to do that instead I’ll start on what I thought was one of the worst days of my life. Some might say I woke up on the wrong side the bed. I just simply couldn’t get anything right. As soon as I stepped foot out of bed I stood on the wrong end of a plug, ouch. After that I missed the bus to school, as soon as I stepped out of the car at school it started raining, I got told of for something or other in every lesson, I had a fight with my friend Vickie and to make matters worse I had such a dreadful headache all day.

So as you can imagine all a really wanted to do when I got home was to lye on the sofa and watch some TV and that’s exactly what I was doing until I got ‘the text’, it was from Sam it said ‘meet me at the top of my road now!’ So reluctantly I dragged myself of the sofa and made my way to the top of Sam’s road. About 10 ft away from Sam, I got a text from Tom saying ‘can you meet me in the park please’. I had no idea what to do. Then Sam rode up to me on his bmx and said ‘right were of to the park now!’ I didn’t argue, I just followed. We got near the top of the field, then suddenly it all clicked. ‘Sam is someone going to ask me out?’, ‘errrrr no’, ‘o thank god’, ‘mabey…’, ‘what!?’, ‘yeah’, ‘is it Tom?’, ‘yeah‘. I went hot all over my greatest dream had come true, but it couldn’t have come on a worst day.

Not quite 1 week earlier we had ’the game of truth or dare’. Sam was there along with Jenni, Tom and Smitt. Jenni and Sam were dared to kiss a few times, Smitt was dared to kiss me on the cheek. Sam knew I fancied Tom I think that’s why he did it, ‘Tom I dare you to kiss Poppy, on the lips’. Yes! I thought to my self, he kissed my twice after that, then I was dared to kiss him twice.
Later on Sam and Jenni went on the swings along with Smitt. It was just me and Tom along in the Bandstand. ‘Poppy who do you fancy?’ I heard Tom say as I sat on the side of the bandstand to watch the others. ’I looked around and said why do you want to know?’, ‘who is it’ he said persistently. I took a deep breath as I watched a robin on wall watching me it’s head cocked to one side, I turned my whole body round to face him, I took another deep breath as I saw the robin fly away over the fields. ‘You’ I said , I didn’t realise I was saying it till I already had. He looked very pleased and smiled. ‘Was that worth knowing’ , I said after a short silence. ‘Hell yeah’.

So there I stood at the top of the field, frozen. I can’t do this not today. Sam do me a favour and bike down to the bandstand and tell Tom not to ask me today, I don’t feel right’. ’Will do’, he biked down in the rain. A few minutes later he returned ‘it’s ok he wont say anything’. I took my time walking to the bandstand, every step felt longer than the last. It was unusually quite, no birds or cars except over there, yes, it was my robin I felt safety seeing it again, watching my. When I finally came to the bandstand. Harry was there too they were all sitting making jokes and having a laugh. As soon as I stepped in the bandstand Tom looked over at me and smiled so sweetly. I sat over near Tom. We all sat making jokes and talking for hours. I started shivering from the cold, stupid me only coming out in a shirt in the middle of February. ‘Poppy your freezing I can see your shivering, here take my coat’, ‘No Tom its fine , honestly’. Eventually we all had to go. I gave everyone a hug goodbye, I noticed Tom squeezed me that little bit longer and that little bit tighter.
Sam normally walks home with me, but unfortunately he had to go, so I was all on my own. Walking across the field again in the rain. I looked around for my robin, he was nowhere to be seen. I decided to text Tom apologising and telling him why, he seemed to understand. I told him that it was a dream come and I’d be so happy if he’d ask me tomorrow. ‘Of course’.
I got in bed that night took a deep breath and thought to myself, can life really get any better than this.

The next day I woke up and wondered if it was all a dream. But I knew it couldn’t have been. After school I ran straight upstairs got changed and rang Jenni. Sam had told her about Tom and she was so exited for me, she told me to come straight round. I was half way up my drive when I bumped into Sam. ‘Exited?’ he said, I laughed and we set of to Jenni’s. On the way there I was thinking about the other week when me and Sam were talking and he told me he fancied Jenni and he had done for a long time now, and I was so exited because Jenni had also told me that she likes him, only a matter of time.
When we got to Jenni’s we all went up to her room and her and Sam played on the Wii and I laid on the bed, that’s when I decided to check my texts, I had quite a few but I still don’t know what they said to this day, the only one that caught my eye immediately was the one from Tom, it said ‘were are you?’ I replied saying ‘ I’m at Jenni’s but I don’t think she’s allowed any more people L xx’. ‘It’s ok I haven’t had my tea yet’. He didn’t reply for a while so I asked him if he was ok, he replied by saying something like ‘I feel as if S am and Jenni are pressuring me to ask you out’. I said you don’t have to you know. He text back immediately ‘no, no I really want to, I just don’t want to be pressured J’.
Jacob rang and said he was at the park with Smitt and are we coming. Sam and Jenni finished there game and we went around the corner to the park.

When we finally got to the park, Abie and Evie her friend from school were there, but to my disappointment there was no sign Of Tom. Abie went out with a boy called Dec at this time.
We all talked in the bandstand for a while about nothing in particular and then we relocated to the swings. Then tom text me saying ‘U at the park’? and I said ‘Yeah u cumin xx’? Sure enough Tom and Harry came around the corner and up the road to the park.
Me and Abie ran up to them and I gave Tom a hug and Abie gave Harry a hug. We all talked and played, and messed about for hours. The night was warm and the sun was just setting, as every body left for home. Only me, Tom, Abie and Evie were left.
We sat in the bandstand, and I went to sit on the edge of the bandstand on the side. So I could look over the field and watch the sun set behind the tree’s. tom came and sat on the seat below me, I gave him a smiling glance and he smiled back. I love him smile. I glanced back towards the field and in the corner of my eye, I saw my robin, sitting in the tree a few metres to the right of me, watching me. Evie and Abie were on the phone to Dec. You know when you get the feeling someone’s looking at you, but your not sure whether to look back? Well I could tell that Tom was looking at me. I took a deep breathe, looked at my Robin once more and looked straight into his eyes. ‘Poppy, will you go out with me’. I smiled like a Cheshire cat I was so happy. ‘Ummm yeah sure, why not’. He looked at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and said softly, ‘Thank you’.

Things were great, he was my first kiss and my first love. Nothing could be better, all my friends were amazing. Sam finally asked Jenni out a week later. We used to go to mine and lie and kiss and hold hands in my sofa bed and he used to sing to me in my ear, I loved that. Sam and Jenni, just kissed, didn’t really talk much, just snogged for hours in my bed. We were in love.
Then things started to go wrong. Abie had to move. My best friend ever was leaving me, she was moving a long way away and I would barely ever see her. We had a sleepover at hers to, with her good bye. Me and Tom commandeered a single mattress at the back and there we stayed all night, just loving each others company. Just having you close to me. ‘Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty’. Was what I woke up hearing that morning, along with a soft kiss on the lips. Abie left 3 days later, I miss her so much. I still see her, but rarely.
Then as if loosing my best friend wasn’t heart breaking enough. I got worse news.
I went to the hospital for a check up on my jaw. ‘I’m sorry Poppy but your jaw isn’t getting any better…Were going to have to operate. Its not a hard procedure but its quite rare and very painful, we set up your teeth and we’ll be ready to operate in a few months’. I began to cry. I cried so hard. This operation was going to change my face. What would Tom think? Would he still love me? Would I still be beautiful in his eyes?

To Be Continued...

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6 Apr, 2011
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