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Broken Mirror
Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror


You really never change do you?

The words that spill from your mouth may be true,

But they mean to deceive,

As though I am the one unable to correctly receive,

You act as though I think everything is about me,

But you're the one who can't really see,

You're like a broken mirror,

Telling me I'm broken and shattered,

But in reality you're the one who is tattered,

I wish I could tell you that I see you,

Because I know that while what you do show is true,

It is only part of the story,

And hidden are the peices

That you don't want to show,

And I must struggle to see high and low,

To put the missing parts together,

It's almost like I'm searching for an umbrella

In the middle of this unbearable weather,

You are a shower of affection,

And then a dry desert

Hiding from me like I'm an infection,

And I know who you are,

Because when I look into the mirror,

I don't just see you

I see me too

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26 Nov, 2019
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<1 min
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