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Broken Music
Broken Music

Broken Music

3 Reviews

She sat and began to play. Her bow flew on the violin, her fingers danced over the strings. She tapped her foot in time and closed her eyes as the notes swelled, enveloping her in waves of music. As the world ceased to move, she ceased to breathe; the music breathed for her. She stood and moved around the room, pacing furiously as her fingers quickened. Tears brushed her cheeks as they fell in tune with the melody, they mingled with her hair and darkened it. She played faster, willing her pain through the strings in to the violin. Her pain became concrete. The music was relentless, it carried her and screamed for her to keep going, to just keep going. She was running through the notes now, desperately sprinting through woods that couldn’t contain her. The bow singed her, it burned her with a need to be played. She burned with the need to fulfill it.

She waltzed alone in the room, chasing every note before hunting it down. She was hurt and resilience embodied, she was mist, she was solid. The music pressured her from inside, it pushed on the walls of her skin until they were rounded outward. The music pushed until her skin broke

Author Notes: A short little blurb to keep me writing :) Please leave any feedback, thank you!
- Am

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2 Nov, 2020
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