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A Broken Person

A Broken Person

By 143 - 1 Review

And the first time he hit her, something inside her died. And when she finally left him, she was so broken she found love in other men. But not the right kind. It was just her, wanting to feel wanted... even if just for the night. People would look at her and whisper whore, slut, and easy to their friends and she acted like it didn't hurt her but it did, it hurt a lot. They didn't know what it was like to be hit, and emotionally abused and how that can change a person. Especially when you're so young. She began to hate herself, her past, and feelings. So when her best friend Alan fell for her, she hated it. She hated herself because she couldn't make him happy. She wished she had never became friends with him because all she would do is hurt him, all she ever did was hurt everyone.. She was scared to be in a real relationship, and if she ever was, it was always with bad boys. Because if they were bad, she already knew the ending, they would hurt her, use her, and leave her. But she felt more in control that way. She could always predict the outcome. There was no room for real love and that way, she couldn't hurt anyone. She was broken beyond repair. and he might think he likes her or even loves her... but he's wrong. Because no one ever truly loves a broken person. We're not designed that way. He had ruined her happy soul, her innocence, her free spirit, and her undying love. He thinks he understands her more than anyone else, and yes, he does understand her a lot. But if he truly completely understood her, then he would run. Run as fast as he could because he would know she'll only hurt and destroy him. Because she would ALWAYS hurt them before they could hurt her. It's really sad... how one person can ruin someone else's idea of love, and life, and emotions. Because now she wonders if she'll ever be fixed.. pathetically patched up again enough to ever really love another person and let THEM love her.. ever again.

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12 Aug, 2014
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