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Buffy The Forgotten Slayer and Me

Buffy The Forgotten Slayer and Me

By princehex

I woke up in bed lying next to the most beautiful girl in the world. Buffy Summers.
She was the best thing that ever happend to me. I got up and put some clothes on and sneaked outside for a run until she wakes up. Yeah it is morning and today is like no other I sense something that might happen. At midnight, no before then when it's dark. I feel danger around me where ever I go.
Think it's time to head back to see if buffy is awake.
As I walked into the bedroom she just woke and said Morning you up already? How long was you up for? and Why didn't you wake me? I replyed Jesus buffy give me break I just got in. Buffy - I just woke up -
and we may have to spend more time together today boyfriend " you still love me right"?.
Well what do you think? Of course I love you Buffy, I will love you forever and ever and I promise that.
Buffy replyed " Ooooh your so sweet I am definitely going to treat you out on a date tonight.

Meanwhile somewhere near spying on them is a Super Enhanced Vampire Assassin
However it has a magical cloak that makes him invisible and sunlight can not harm him.

To Be Continued....

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About This Story
6 Jan, 2012
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1 min
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