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Building Blocks
Building Blocks

Building Blocks


Building hell was never going to be an easy task, in who could guess that I would be here stuck expanding hell to fit all the new people pouring in. you know when you do one bad thing and the devil takes advantage of that to make you build his torture device and hot springs for the minions how do you turn down an offer that means you don't get set on fire.

I turn around to him sitting on his desk the devil in a suit watching me with glee on his face waiting for me to reply to his question about making a spa and scream room next to each other " well sir devil I would imagine that would be off-putting for the whole relaxing thing" he smiles at me and in his low voice he replies " oh now Charles my boy no need to worry, my minions loosen right up with the screams." I laugh at that and he smiles showing a perfect set of teeth with just a bit of sharpness going through them " yes sir I forgot it is my first time working with demons my last clients lived above ground and away from the world's sinners" he leans forwards "well you should learn pretty quick down here or we may have to go back to talking about that whole sin thing again."

I shiver with fear the first time I had come down here he greeted me at the gates and read my sins from the world above and said it would only be a few thousand years down here till he was happy to start punishing me for the sins, but he said for each year I work expanding hell and making it better it would knock off twenty years each time didn't sound like a bad plan also there was the whole not getting tortured all the time. So what you do take the cushy job working for the devil or enjoy your sins with the other six billion people also would you know it apparently heaven is a bit of an exclusive club. So I started expanding hell, got the humans to work bringing building blocks and making rooms and buildings they enjoyed the light punishment those days

As the years pass by I get used to the job it becomes second nature to think of spars and shopping centers while also bringing up more effective ways to torture I get pretty good at my job and hell is increasing at an amazing rate never would have thought that getting everything handed to me makes it so easy. One day the devil stops by my office sits down he looks a bit tired these days " Hello Charles I see the expansion is going well these days, are you keeping up with demand?" I look him in the eye something seems to be on his mind " of course sir with all the free labor no problem also the minions are loving the extra space to enjoy their time off just sleeping was getting old after a few million years, how are you sir seems like we haven't seen you much these few years?" he sighs "I guess that would be so it seems that I am having to go into retierment i have talked with it to the other executives and they agree, hell had been sitting to stagnent for so long and now it's changing they say its tiem to part ways"

My jaw drops open " but sir no offence but you are the devil you have been here since the start how can they get rid of you?" he looks at me and smiles that pointy smile " well hell is changing we are going for a place to visit and stay and relax no longer a place for sins to be served I mean heven never even care about what we do so why not all have fun" I put my hand on my head and breath " so I am re making hell into a massive hotel and hot spot if you will" he nods stands up I do the smae " that is not all you are being made inot a partner of hell they hope for great things from you and your work make hell great and a place that will never be forggoten." I nod back at him and shake his hand as he walks out the office I shout " Of course sir I shall make you the best room to watch it all happen from." he just keeps walking never looking back.

Sitting down I take a deep breath I will never have to serve a sin and I can enjoy my new life making things forever no more sins for anyone just a place to party for all us damned well I guess I can stop thinking about the torture device that makes you eat yourself now. Setting all that aside a keep on working and looking up again I see that hell is gone replaced by earth just its 60 degrees all the time and inside infinite space yet people are laughing and demons are getting along with them, something I thought could never be done just needed space to talk to your demons " hahaha oh devil what have we done people can work through what they have done instead of breaking their souls each day for there life" we can enjoy oursleves forever never needing to worry about doing somthing worng becuse were already dead and no way of getting into heven well devil my man i think you did what you alwasy wanted really for us to have a good time.

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21 Jan, 2018
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4 mins
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