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Bullied at school and walking home

Bullied at school and walking home

By kelsbtratl

At school the girls' lockers where near mine and i had 1st period with them soo they would drop things out of their lockers on me purposely. But that afternoon they started laughing and talking bout me on the bus and telling some other people i was a whore,slut,stuck my hands in this guy i liked pants and that i liked her brother. Eventually at p.e.they told my boyfriend Wesley at the time that i was only dating him because i wanted a boyfriend and was a desperate fucking slut.So of course Wesley believed them and broke up with me and we had just started dating.I went hay wild in the girls locker room i was crying and i was pissed soo i quickly changed and was slamming lockers,doors, and then i started cussing out the girls. Wesley heard bout what had happened and felt really bad and so we talked it over and got back together.That afternoon after we got off the bus we were walking home and they were saying i was a slut,to leave them the hell alone and leave her brother alone etc. It got so bad i stopped riding the bus most days or if i did i'd ask to picked up at the bus stop. Also,the next day i came home crying because of them. so then the next day i went and told my school resource officer and he took care of it the girls were crying by the time he got done with them and they saw i was crying.It felt good to see them cry then it got put on our records that they were bullies and i was a victim of bullying.

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27 Jul, 2011
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