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Jenna hated her new school. The girls there called her names like redhead, four eyes, freak, nerd, teachers pet, freckle face, and worse things. Everyday when she got home from school she would go to her room and cry for awhile then she would get up, wash her face, and get on with her life. Today was even worse than normal. Jenna had gotten up and got dressed. When she got on the bus she got the normal treatment. Ignorement and silence.

When she got to her locker at school she found a note saying “After school, in the parking lot, be there!” She was dreading the end of the school day. She knew that the note she had found was from Victoria, the head popular girl. She was the one who bullied Jenna everyday at school. Victoria had long blond hair, blue eyes, smooth complection, and a model body. She was always bragging about the multiple ads and magazines she had been in. The other two girls who bullied her were Sasha and Kala. Both of them just do whatever Victoria does.

If Victoria came to school in a bikini so would they. If she cut her hair so would they. So pretty much the typical high school mean girls. And now Jenna was going to get beat up by the same girls at the end of school. It was her last class before lunch and she was trying to decide if she could make herself sick to get out of the rest of the school day. She would normally never do that because she loved school besides getting bullied by Victoria and her croones.

She was in all the advanced classes and at the top of her classes. The teacher’s were super kind to her and loved her. She would get all top grades and never miss an assignment. She had never missed more than a week of school. Yet Victoria still hated her guts, and if she couldn't figure out a way to get out of the rest of the school day her guts would be all over the pavement. She went and got her lunch and headed to the library.

The school library was the one place she could be without fear of Victoria making fun of her. Jenna was pretty sure that Victoria didn’t even know where the library was and if she did then she didn’t care. The librarian, Miss. Evans, was probably in her early 20’s. She had brown hair that was always up in a messy bun and she always wore jeans and bright tee-shirts. She had green eyes and pink cat eye glasses. Miss. Evans was Jenna’s favorite teacher.

Miss. Evans always had the perfect book to cheer Jenna up. After an hour of sitting in the library with Miss. Evans rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Jenna headed to advanced math. By the time her last class rolled around she still had not figured out a way to get out of the meeting after school. As the last bell rang she slowly gathered up her stuff and went to her locker. As she put her books into her locker Sasha and Kala came up behind her.

After she got her stuff in her locker Sasha and Kala practically hearded her to where Victoria was waiting in the parking lot. It would not have been a hard place to miss though, tons of students had gathered around Victoria who was standing in the middle of the parking lot waiting for Jenna. The crowd parted to let Jenna into the middle of the ring that they had formed. As she walked to the center of the ring she saw Victoria with a glare on her face. When she saw Jenna she got a mean sneer on her face.

“So,” Victoria said “You really did show up.” Jenna knew this was not going to end well so she didn’t say a word. “Oh the poor little teacher's pet can't talk” Victoria said to the crowd. Most everyone in the ring laughed at that. Some looked sorry for Jenna but didn’t stand up for her because they were the other people that Victoria bullied and harassed. Victoria turned back to Jenna. “Well this little teacher's pet is about to regret ever coming to this school” As Victoria said that she started to beat up Jenna.

Punching her in the face and stomach, Victoria shoved Jenna to the ground and started to kick her. Jenna had started sobbing and trying to deflect Victoria's blows, but as soon as Victoria saw that Jenna was trying to block her she hit even harder. Jenna cried out, Victoria had stomped on her wrist and broke it. The other students in the ring started to mudder and one of them ran to go get a teacher. As Jenna layed on the ground, Victoria straddled her and started punching her face again. A couple of teachers ran up to the ring of students and started to yell to get through.

As the students let the teachers through, they pulled Victoria off of Jenna. Miss. Evans knelt down by Jenna and tried to get Jenna to look at her but she couldn't get Jenna to uncurl from a fetal position. Miss. Evans could see that there was tons of blood. She yelled for someone to call 9-1-1. One of the students closest to Jenna called, as the ambulance came Jenna passed out from the loss of all the blood. Once they got her to the hospital, they called Jenna’s mother, x-rayed her and put her wrist in a cast because she had a hairline fracture in her wrist from when Victoria stomped on it.

They were just hooking up an ivy full of painkillers when her mother showed up. A while later Jenna woke up and told her mother everything that had been happening in school. Her mother, who was a lawyer, charged Victoria with assault. Victoria ended up being under house arrest and having to do 200 hours of community service. And for Jenna she healed up and went back to school. Passing all her classes with outstanding grades and graduating high school with 4.0 she got accepted to Harvard university and went on to be a great lawyer. Victoria never finished high school and is now a janitor at the high school.

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20 Feb, 2020
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