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Bully in Love part.3
Bully in Love part.3

Bully in Love part.3

BookNerd123Black Sheep
1 Review

Josh Carmiachel's pov.

"I need a break." Bailey says her long brown hair pulled into a hih ponytail, her light green eyes tired. "I'm sorry, I don't get it." Bailey nods, "its fine." Her smile is weak.

"How about we stop for today?" I ask rubin my eyes. Bailey yawns, "sounds good." We pack up our bags and walk out of the library. She walks to her car and I walk to mine.

"SHIT!" I hear and walk over to Bailey's car, I knock on the window she jumps.

Opening her door she raises an eyebrow at me, "need a ride?" I ask grabbing her bag and walking to my car. She hops into the passenger seat and I take off to drive her home.

Author Notes: Yay! Part Three!

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Black Sheep
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24 Feb, 2020
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<1 min
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