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Bully in Love part.5
Bully in Love part.5

Bully in Love part.5

BookNerd123Black Sheep
1 Review

Outsider pov.

Josh Carmiachel stands with Bailey Carusse under the spotlight of her porch. Turning her brown hair to a light golden color,they stare up at each other. Josh 's eyes sparkle and I am not sure if it is happiness or tears.

"Bailey, I know I treated you terrible and I am sorry." Josh's voice shakes and Bailey reaches up wiping the tears from his cheecks. "Josh-" Josh cuts Bailey off.

"I would like a second chance, life is full of them, can you give me one?" Josh asks closing his eyes and awaiting the blow.

"Yes," is all Bailey says before she presses her lips to his. Josh leans deeper into the sweet kiss and his mouth curls slightly in happiness.

Bailey smiles too.

Author Notes: Tell me what you think...

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About The Author
Black Sheep
About This Story
28 Feb, 2020
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<1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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