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Bully in Love pt.2
Bully in Love pt.2

Bully in Love pt.2

BookNerd123Black Sheep
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Bailey Carusse's pov.

The library is empty when I walk in, no one ever comes to the library. I sit at the far back tabel behind the book shelves. Finally, after thirty minutes Josh walks in. His brown hair sweat slick, he has his cletes in hand, and he plops down.

I open my mouth to reprimend him for being late, when he looks at me with his grey eyes, and all I can see is sadness. "What is wrong?" Comes out instead and I don't even care. "I got kicked off the football team." He says simly,"but you love football. You have sense 3rd grade." He look at me surprised.

I look down at te tabel,"we used to be friends. We were best friends until you started hanging out with the popular kids, I was not one of them so we stopped haning out." I explain and he nods like he already knew.

"Why did they kick you off the team?" I ask. "I am failin two classes, if I can pick them up I can get back on the team, if not I'm done for."

I nod, then it hits me. Why didn't I think of this before.

"I have honor roll. If you want I can tutor yu for those tw classes, what are they?" He smiles happily, he looks good when he smiles.

"Math and Science. Thank you." He sounds rushed like he cannot get his words out fast enough. I nod and he smiles brightly, I cannot help ut return it.

Author Notes: Please read all of them.

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Black Sheep
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20 Feb, 2020
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