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Bully in Love
Bully in Love

Bully in Love

BookNerd123Black Sheep
2 Reviews

Bailey Carusse's pov.

"Turn to the person on your right they will be your partner for the 10 reasons why I hate you project." I turn to the person on my right, oh no. NO!

Not him, he stares at me with his grey eyes, his dark brown hair, and his freckles. I groan," yay! I have to work with an ass, fucking bullshit. " I say only loud enouh so he can hear,

Josh Carmiachel is a jock who makes fun of every girl like me, the nerdy laid back type. Who always makes the good grades, thats me.

"Poor, Bailey. Just do your part and I'll do mine." Josh says his voice edgy and cold.

So what if he is mad, he can stay mad. He is an asshole all the time. I hate guys like Josh who pick on people just because they can and never think about how bad they hurt others.

"Whatever, Josh. We have to work together." I say angry already. " Why you'll pass, I'll fail. Thats what you want isn't it. You don't realixe it Bailey but you can be an ass, too." I grimace, "I'll help you pass under one conditition; you stop making fun of me and my friends for the rest of high school." I say holding out on hope. He nods," don't play games with me Bailey. I will win." He says not even bothering to hold anger in his voice.

He is mad, he is always mad.

Author Notes: Comment and tell me what you think.

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Black Sheep
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18 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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