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bullying hurts

bullying hurts

By Bean

Middle school is tough it doesnt matter who you are; the jock,ms.popular, the nerd, emos, goths, gays, bis, and lesbians. For me i was someone who got along with everyone during elementary. Middle school was a big change. switching classes, boys, girls ( yes girls dont judge), teachers, grades, detentions,making friends and just showing up. It was a big difference from elementary no friends to talk to and nobody wanting to be my friend. I was kind of intimidating at the beginning of the year people thought i was the popular girl whos so outgoing. ha proved them wrong. I'm super shy i hardly talk to my best friends let alone strangers. I got bullied because my hair, skin, eyes, scars, cuts, clothes, voice, and just me in general. I won't say i'm a freak but in a way i kind of am. Who cares if i like wearing black? Who cares i like metal music? Who cares that i'm bi? Apparently they did and them caring made me care saying i wasnt good enough. i tried my best in school to not make friends to do well in writing and sports but this one guy and i sparked we started talking and talking and soon enough i had met my first friend. i still got bulliued though, notes in my locker, whispering in the hallways, and things getting said straight to my face. i got notes that said slut, emo freak, goth girl, suicidal catastrophy , and scary girl. Now most of the time i'd just brush this off my shoulder no big deal but the fact that my grades had been slipping and that id gotten sent to the counselors office 4 times was making me mad. who do they think they are judging me when they dont even know me why does society live like this so what if i was suicidal and an emo but atleast i was me and wasnt afraid to be. I dont kow what came over me one day but that day i had , had enough of everybodies bullshit. That was the last straw this pop girl saying i was a freak i belonged in the circus i should've already committed suicide but i just went into meltdown mode and shut down. I told her she had no idea what she was talking about that she should try to walk in my shoes see how she likes getting made fun of and that if she got made fun of and pushed around everyday she would keep to herself also. After that i made more friends got a girlfriend who ended up cheating but thats fine. Now i have a boyfriend who i love very much. I still get bullied but that doesnt matter anymore because im me and thats who my friends like and who my boyfriend fell in love with. I'm not saying life is perfect and that im loving it but ive learned to manage and make it through. so for anybody who's gotten bullied dont be afraid to stand up for yourself.

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1 Dec, 2012
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2 mins
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