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Bullys, and life.

Bullys, and life.

By nfull8

So I'm 14 years old, and it's almost christmas! YAY!
I've been bullied for 14 years straight, they hate me for no reason at all :(
I honestly hate myself as well, I don't know what i did to deserve this.
The names i get called are ; slut, whore, bitch, fuckhead etc. It hurts so much and it really does hurt.
I've tried to commit suicide so many times, but i don't want my family and friends to be hurt.
I cut myself, I have so many bruises. I just want to kill myself.
My mother just tells me to go tell the teacher, but they never do anything.
They just keep on bullying me, with more dreadful words.
They hit me, they bash me.
I don't ever want to be alive, i don't trust anyone.
I look like a happy person at school, but im not. I cry every night, over 15 people message me and tell me im worthless, stupid, ugly :(
I don't deserve this, im just a normal human being and so are they, but they don't get it. It hurts,
Im sick of it, i just wanna die.
I'm not afraid to do it, i wanna be up there and not feel the pain.

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13 Dec, 2011

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