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A bump in the night

A bump in the night

By Anyagirl

Annabelle was lonely that night, everyone but her was tired, even though she was the baby of the family at 5 years of age.

The wind howled fiercely outside, like a hungry wolf. In fact, that very day the teacher read Red-Riding-Hood to her kindergarten class. All those thoughts crowded into little Anna's mind as she huddled in her blankets that night. 'BOOM!' A clattering sound echoed throughout the house, and more bangs and crashes followed. 'Is it the Boogeyman?' The little girl thought.
Her older brother Michael absolutely adored making up scary stories to torture Annabelle's dreams. If they worked on Annie, he figured, they would work on any 5-year-old.

Little Annie decided to take a look downstairs, because if she woke her parents, there would be trouble. She took her favorite teddy bear, an old fluffy toy named Alex. Alex brought momentary comfort to poor little Anna's tortured imagination. She grabbed her flashlight, turned it on, and went downstairs into the gloom. As she walked down the stairs, a low whispering could be heard. Annie couldn't exactly hear what the whispers meant, they were too quiet. Though, they were loud enough to hear. She cautiously lowered herself down the final step and crept down the hallway. "Say, Bert. Can you do me a favor and you kill tonight's catch? Because, I don't want to murder a little 5-year-old, I prefer murdering the elderly. You know that ,right Bert?" Clark said. Annie froze, she took in a quick gulp of air and was about to tell her parents, but... "Now.... What do we have here? Looks like the catch of the day for us Bert. Now, you kill her...."

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28 Dec, 2010
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1 min
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