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burn in your own fire

burn in your own fire

By GlassRose

He’d hit me and I’d cry they’d feed us I’d cry they’d give us shelter Id cry but I never knew.

We got of f the plane to see our parents run off I’d chase them but they kept going .I’d called but they didn’t look back and when they did they just laughed that was the last I’d seen of them, I’d try to convince myself they were drunk but that still wasn’t supporting my self esteem. We had been stealing food and begging in the bus shelter that was our home for months. And when it rained our coats were toilet rolls that we had taken from the public toilets. My older sister scratch, wasn’t the same since. I made jokes but they just made her hit me. I tried to be positive but I knew for us life was a very breakable thread. I’d stare in puddles and no-longer see the effervescent and optimist soul I once was; no I saw I person so anonymous I’d jump at the figure I could see. Scratch however didn’t even look but when she did she just cried. But one day a kind man took us in. every day I went to school like a normal 11 year old but scratch 13 year old was kept home, not knowing why I just carried on. But then I soon realised it wasn’t just weekdays it was weekends and soon she was gone 5 until 10. So one day I followed the dark van that the man drove with her inside I watched as she stood on the road with a sign to hard to read I went closer and she went in the van with male men and came out looking very sheepish the man had seen me and came over I ran but they put me in the van. I heard my sister cry and saw her run after me she held onto the back of the van but the man pushed her off. I tried desperately to see if she was okay but horror struck when I saw her body laying there I opened the back and jumped out I scraped my face and I could feel the cold blood rush down my face but I just ran I saw my sister on the roadside her limp body pale her eyes were lifeless and she looked as though someone had drained the colour out of her.

She laid I the hospital bed I could see her body occasionally move and every time it did I WOULD SMILE AND EVERYTIME I WAS LET DOWN AS IF SOMONE was draining the luck out of me like a ragdoll. I stroked her face please I said just tell me your alive then I removed my hand believing my self that there would be some kind of response. And there was she clenched my wrist digging her nail it right in
“Listen you little shite!” she said her eyes gaining a black colour
“ You are either one of me or gone.”
Then she fell lifeless again the black in her eyes disappearing. But all I could think of was what she was doing in the van and why. she was never like this before,she was always a sensitive and effervecant souled child but now she'd lost it.

CHAPTER 2 WHITE EYES .I sat by her bed almost not wanting her to wake up encase of another outburst. I watched her eyes they kept turning from white to black. But her eyes closed at one time I thought this was it but then a red drop dripped down her cheek and her eyes flushed red she awoke once again. She looked at me, picked up a mirror and turned it towards her who are you? She said to the mirror who are you she said it louder louder then she put her fingers round my neck who am I? She said more red drops came from her eyes I stared at her from time to time then said I don’t know anymore. She glared at me her eyes so sharp they sliced through my soul then opened her mouth revealing two long sharp teeth. “ You don’t know I don’t know so we would be the same if I - she licked her teeth then put her fingers on my neck. “ I did it all for you because I love you so let me do this.” I took a step back I put my hand on the door but it was locked I looked back at scratch who had a smirk on her face that pierced a dagger in my heart. Then she came at me and I ran, the blood on face still rushing, my heart pounding like the thud on a greyhound racetrack my senses telling me to stop but my shattered soul telling me to run I turned, her body was on the floor her face white and eye red like blood on snow….20 years on i look in mirrors and see her face mouthing. mouthing the words 'who are you' and every time i stand still stop and answer.if only i knew....

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About This Story
16 Nov, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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