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By goddess_n


Little Catherine, Little Catherine had a superhuman power, she could turn dust to ashes, she could make the bitter to the sweet. She could turn day into night, and whatnot. But Little Catherine had this power inside of her mind, and the rest of the students did not believe her, and started to mock her. The other students, not noticing the fact that they are somewhat abusing her little brain.

With disregard, they started to spread wrong facts about Little Catherine, and so, this new was known by her Mother, though Little Catherine mother paid no attention to it, thinking her daughter should've been a boy, Little Catherine mother hated her daughter, she started to call her Cat, as if she wanted a pet.

As years passed by, Little Catherine became bigger, she has grown into a beautiful young woman, or so we thought so. But Little Catherine had started to shut herself away by 6th grade, she started to stay up at night, bags had automatically attached itself to this was-sweet girl eyes. Her hair had turned into a bedhead, never fixing itself. Little Catherine was no longer little, was no longer sweet, and was no longer tolerable.

Catherine rarely went outside of her house, went to school rarely, only on exams, and studied in the dark. Catherine always wore a dark hoodie, a dark red hoodie, it resembled a fire. Catherine like the colour red. She started to know how much she liked fire from the start of her senior year, she was camping with her "classmates" though, they didn't pay attention to where she went. She started a small campfire by herself in the woods, and cried silently in the ghostly woods. And that's when she felt.. warm hands on her shoulders, warm cheeks touching hers.

She tensed against the tree she was laying on, though she felt much warmer, as if someone was hugging her, and as days passed, she started to think her superhuman ability stilled existed, but then she looked at her desk and what was written on it, and thought 'What nonsense am I talking about,  I, is not a fool.', and the warmth she began feeling when she cried went away, she felt cold, glares from the air.

Shivering, in her room, crying alone. She thought, 'This is what I deserve.

And then, one night, while she was looking at the darkness, scared to stare directly at it, she turned her head to the windows, it was dark, a very dark midnight, she closed the curtains, scared of what might show up, she looked at her feet that were outside of the bed reach, she tucked them inside the blanket she had put on and pressed herself against the corner of the wall, scared that something might surface and eat her toes out.

Yes, Catherine had many scary imaginations, but for one reason, she felt safe near the fire. Thud.

That's when she heard it, curious as she is, began to be childish, Catherine stepped out of the bed, put her cottony slippers on, and walked to the light switch, trying to open it, it failed.

She tensed, knowing this is exactly what happened in horror books. She looked around, and blinked when she saw a shadow, then it seemed that the shadow looked like hers, but then stared at what the figure is.

It was her, and she then screamed.

Screamed so loudly it woke her parents up, her Father went automatically to his daughter, loving her sweetly, only disobeying her when his wife told him to.

For the next few weeks of final exams, Catherine missed all of it. She was in a mental institution, locked up in the second floor, she was scared, of these needles.

These needles, those white walls, that bed. That bed which had iron bars, iron edges. Iron branches, and everything underneath. She came around to know the place, the place somewhat felt empty, not filled with darkness like her home.

And just then, she heard a soft lullaby next to her room, she slowly fell asleep.

At night, she woke up, looking around her, the lights were closed. Catherine wasn't really sad, she was just scared, terrified, and childishly curious.. somewhat.

Catherine didn't like to cut, she found it disturbing. Her blood, she did not show to others, hiding how pale her blood looked like, almost as if someone spilled orange juice on her body, or replaced her blood with orange.

She never told anyone, because she never had anyone to tell to. And it would be weird if the people wearing white things and wearing white masks conducted experiments on her.

That night, she heard a lullaby again, and it was more closer than before, then, she saw that shadow again, and she cried, wanting to get out of here and run away as fast as she can. But then she felt warm arms around her, and a voice hushing her. Calling her, her sweet sister and whatnot.

The next day, she was a lot more friendlier, much more brighter, and somewhat cute. When she arrived at her class once more, everyone was surprised to see her, she looked much more prettier.

And so, this went on for years, till she graduated from university and is in a relationship a very handsome, and successful man. She's now 20 years old, a pretty and beautiful young adult.

Still living her youth, she started writing stories, and one day, a story of when how she was back then and how she got back was a bestseller in NYC, AR, CA.

She started writing, got married, and is pregnant, she stopped writing at the age of 29, at this time, Catherine is giving birth, she was blessed with twins, but one of them died. And so, she hid the fact of her other daughter. As her daughter grew older, she started to tell her mother about how orange her blood was, and how she liked to stay near fires. Though, one day, while browsing her family album, an album fell. She never saw this album, because it was out of her reach.

She opened the book, and saw the first picture she ever saw with her mom smiling and.. herself.. and.. herself again? She shook her head, was this her twins?

She started looking at other pictures.. and saw that she grew up with her sister.. but.. it stopped at a picture she took in first grade with her sister?

Then she started look at the other photos.. and it was her new photos, but with her sister.. not finding a mean she shut it and went to the fireplace, she added more wood to it, and threw the album inside, not caring about the extra photos of now because she had them in another album. It burned, and she started crying, tears started to drop. And that's when she saw her daughter at the door..

"Mommy? Mommy, what's wrong? Is something wrong?" Fire started to burn the house, and so, her daughter, Robin, died in that fire and so did she.

The end. just wanted to practice my writing.

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20 Aug, 2015
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