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SandydhirSandeep kumar dhir

The plot of the story opens in a dark place on twenty fifth December two thousand eighteen with twenty five people sitting round a big table (the table was a huge one so one can do ramp show in it) all well dressed in suits and lights focusing only on the table, it was quite a silent place and they had come for some bidding which was going to start in a fraction of minutes, then came a person in good body build up named raghu who was a dealer and started announcing that the auction will start now and we are going to send girls one by one and be generous to bid a very good amount on the girls. Here came the girl one by one all crying and feared from within unable to bear what the hell is going on as they were all naked and made to walk round the table like the models and the people sitting there were bidding, then suddenly one person said don’t you have good stock to show always showing these types of girls not interested to give high price for them, then came raghu in the light announcing don’t worry gentlemen we have caught a very good fish in our net and I personally guarantee you all will be dying to get a piece of her, now here comes my fresh stock and decide what bidding price you will be giving. The girl was forced to the table, she was crying and saying please leave me I am from a very good family and I want to go to my home and will not complain against you, please leave me and all the persons there started laughing saying what a piece of meat you have brought raghu and you girl you are saying we will leave you, listen to us you will be ruling our business and earning good income so don’t hesitate and start walk so we can see you properly and started bidding one by one some said ten lakhs some said twenty five lakhs but at the end one person got her by bidding one crore twenty five lakhs and told her baby you are my most expensive prized girl I will make you rule my world and at last asked to the dealer, hey raghu by the way what’s her name and he replied she was saying ananya, ok very good name and said to ananya, hey you cheer up you are going to fly to dubai there I will make sure you are on number one demand, then the person in suit not revealing who they are as they all were sitting in the dark and no one was allowed to see them said to raghu, hey you train this girl as per you like and see that no mark will be on her body otherwise the Dubai people will reject her. I will be taking her after six months as the period is not going well after the Goa case where many dealers and leaders were encountered by the Superintendent of police rajvir sekhawat and his team for human trafficking and prostitution, from that day it is very difficult to get this girls out of India so we may require some time, till then she is yours but remember if anything happens to her I will collect my money with interest from you only.

Let’s stop here, we didn’t discuss about any other girl only about ananya, so my readers must have been aware till now that the story begins with this girl ananya and before narrating the story further we will be narrating about the girl life how it was before she came to the hell.

The story starts in present day twelveth April two thousand eighteen in Delhi where ananya and three of her best friends are finally graduating from the engineering college receiving their degree from the chairman of the college and were very happy to finally start their new life thereafter, but before that the four friends discussed about a get together at the evening in CCD (Cafe Coffee Day), at evening and near about seven o’clock the four friends gathered and said lets have some coffee discuss about our life then we will have dinner in some good restaurant.

Ananya begins the story with how they meet at childhood in same school in same class and at the time of introduction they got to know about their name as ananya singh, shiv thakur, prithvi chauhan and raj malhotra and from then on they passed the school with each other and then their graduation it was a long sixteen years of togetherness and friendship and their group was such that no other person was allowed to join their group and these three friends loved ananya as their own sister and their fathers were all working together in ONGC in same department so they never had the chance to get parted away from each other, their friendship was very deep to be broken by anyone else, after all this discussions and school life then graduation life and how they had fun they were all discussing then
suddenly raj told we have been selected in campus in the same company and our joining is on first July two thousand eighteen so there is lot of time to have fun and we have no other work to do so let’s have some vacation and go for a trip to Goa for ten days. They all discussed about the plan and were very happy, then they had their dinner and went to their respective homes to get permission from parents for Goa trip. Since their parents know each other and their kids from past sixteen years so they allowed them for the trip on one condition to call daily and keep each other safe and stay like a family.

The very next day all three friends went to ananya house to discuss about the trip and there they planned a list to what take with them and how to spend each day doing what and engaging in which sports, finally they all decided to go on twenty first April two thousand eighteen by that time they all had time to purchase some dress, shoes and party wear and the day came they all bid goodbye to their parents and went for the trip by train Goa Sampark Kranti Express, it was very hot inside the train as summer was going on and they had booked sleeper coach which was very difficult to travel till Goa, but they somehow managed to reached Goa with lots of train experience with strangers and summer heat and decided to return to Delhi in ac coach as it’s not possible to travel such a long distance in sleeper.

Finally they all reached Goa by three o’clock in afternoon of Sunday and they all were so exhausted that they directly booked a cab and went to hotel which they had booked online and went to take some shower and rest and decided to meet at hotel beach at six in the evening.

All fresh and energetic they all came to the hotel beach and were very much surprised to see people of different countries and having fun near beaches, so they all took some cold drinks and went to beach and sat their chilling and gossiping and having drinks and enjoying the cool breeze, then at nine at night they all went for dinner and bid goodbye to each other and went to their room for sleep and before that they all made a program to enjoy the Goa the very next day.

The next day the four friends came at the reception all in party wear to have fun that whole day and asked the manager at the reception to where they can have fun in Goa and then they all went in a cab and started exploring the new place, shopping and chilling in city and finally they made their mind to watch a movie and then go for a bath in beach.

It was nearly four in the afternoon and the four friends had done with their lunch and watched the movie and it was to spend the time in beach. The boys changed their clothes to beach wear with light shirt and casual half pant and went inside the sea to take bath and told ananya to come soon.

After few minutes of bath the boys saw ananya was coming to them in a bikini as many foreigners were there wearing bikinis so ananya without any hesitation tried that and went to their friends and all the boys started scolding her what is this ananya what are you wearing, have you gone mad what is this, go change your clothes and come but she said what’s the problem in wearing this and quoted “when you are in rome do what romans do” and went in the sea to take bath.

Shiv and prithvi were latter ok with her clothes but raj was very possessive about her and said ananya go and change the clothes as this is a new place and we are not foreigners and if some wrong happens then we will be in grave danger and see how people are looking at you and some taking photos of you.

But she was adamant to not change and was enjoying bath when shiv and prithivi told to raj let her be and come enjoy we boys are there to protect our friend what could may happen, you are very much possessive.

But raj predictions somewhat came to life when some few guys were taking random pictures of girls and took photo of ananya, but they didn’t seem to matter and enjoyed in beach and after few hours of enjoyment they all dressed up and took a cab and went to their hotel, when they saw that the few guys who were taking photos were following them till hotel and then they went away.

The 04 friends had a very little idea that the person who were following them were not normal people but working in human trafficking and their work was to select girls and kidnap them and send them all over India and out of country for prostitution.

They all were enjoying their dinner but they didn’t know that what danger was coming to their lives and how it’s going to ruin ananya.

Five days passed out when one day while the four friends were chilling near the beach at evening seven and it was night but due to hotel light they all were able to see the surroundings and when they realised that they were near about alone in the beach it was too late.

The same few guys showed up and started beating the boys and took ananya with them in a suv and went away. Raj, shiv and prithvi could do nothing and left there alone to see only their friend ananya being kidnapped and being took by them in their car.

Ananya was shouting and crying in fear who the hell are you? And leave me I want to go to my
friends and why you kidnapped me when the main villain of the story which I had discussed in the starting the dealer raghu holding ananya told keep quiet and don’t make any noise, and told her you are not kidnapped for money but you will be sold in our prostitution market.

We all saw you that day in bikini and you are too hot and you will definitely bring lots of customer to our bar and we will take care that you will be the best prostitute of our bar and then raghu tied a cloth to her mouth, when ananya unable to do anything and crying and thinking of that day how raj had warned her about not wearing bikini as it was a new place and due to her adamant nature she is now caught in the hell and no one is there to help her.

Raghu said to the driver hey take the car to the backside of the hotel, where ananya tried to take a sneak outside of the car window and saw some name Red Bar written and she knew she was taken to some place in Goa as they had reached this bar within thirty minutes of kidnap, but don’t know which place.

All she can do was praying to god, her parents and thinking of her friends that they could somehow find her and get her rescue from this place.

The car stopped at the back of the hotel when raghu took ananya with him inside the hotel where there was a hidden partition which no one can search as it was underground and the prostitution business was going on in there.

They checked her and took her mobile so she would not be able to contact her friends or family members.

Raghu took her to head of the prostitution center which was run by a local mafia named david who kidnaps girls and sell them and also extort money from their family even comitted murders, all this details was given to ananya by raghu so she would not shout and do whatever they say otherwise the consequence can be her last day.

When she was brought in front of david, he said to raghu wow my friend you have made my day what a beautiful girl you have brought, she doesn’t seems to be local of nearby state and asked whats her name to which raghu said she is ananya who came with her three boyfriend enjoying and we got some photo of her I will show you and then he showed david the photo he took.

David was very happy to see such a beauty and asked her from where do you belong to which she said she came from Delhi with her friends for enjoying in Goa but your men kidnapped me and if you leave me I promise you I will not tell about you or about your hideout and go from here with her friends.

To which david said sorry dear this is our business we cannot let you go, you are such a rare beauty that you will fetch us a good income and I will try to make you the best prostitute of our bar.
Then ananya said if you want money then you can contact my parents they will arrange money for you as I am the only daughter and they will give you whatever your demand is but leave me, but it was all in vain when raghu said whatever we will earn from you in a year your father would have not earned in his life so you are now the property of my boss.

Then david called a lady who manages the prostitution business for him named malika and told her that she is average weight feed her and make her healthy so we can sell her to our demanding customers and look that no mark should get in her body otherwise she will not fetch as per our demand.

Then malika called her girls who were working there as prostitutes to take ananya to her room and feed her and within a month when she gets ready we will sell her.
There in the mean time the three friend shiv, prithvi and raj were in deep dilemma as to what to do next and where to search for ananya, and then finally they all called their parents and also called ananya parents and narrated what had happened with them.

They got the clear instructions from their parents to go to the nearby police station and file an FIR as soon as possible and we all will be coming to Goa tomorrow by flight.

The 03 friends all went to the nearby police station and went to the station in charge whose name was Stephen mehtre and told all the story what happened to them when they had come to Goa till today to which Stephen told them oh this is a matter of kidnapping or human trafficking in both this case it is common in Goa we can do nothing but to search in dark as daily many girls get kidnapped but we could not reach them as they have many high profile connections and we can do nothing against them.

Its better you file the complaint and wait for tomorrow so that if it’s a kidnapping then they will call her family and if they took her for prostitution we can do nothing as she may have been in Goa or send to any parts of India or would be shipped to foreign country in this case we are helpless as many cases are pending here.

The 03 friends waited till tomorrow when all their parents have also arrived and told them what happend and showed them the place from where they took ananya and told that police had lodged a complaint but the station in charge is saying to wait for a day as if it is kidnapping then you will receive call from the kidnappers and if not then she will be sold in the prostitution market in any part of India or outside India to which ananya parents got devastated and started crying to why they gave permission to come here in Goa.

They all went to Stephen and enquired about the case as to what they are doing to which he said we are sorry but here such cases are filled daily and we can do nothing but to wait and watch.
They all went to the hotel to wait for one-two days in a hope to get call for ransom but nothing happened what they thought and now they again went to Stephen and told him sir we have not received any calls from the kidnappers till now as two days have been passed to which he said then it may be the case of prostitution and in this case we are helpless and in a very rare case any girl may have been rescued.
So they told then we are going to meet the superintendent of police whose name was Dilip Mehta but Stephen warned them that nothing will happen as the SP is not a good guy to help you as he always gets a cut from the mafia here so don’t go to him.

But since they had no choice they went to Dilip Mehta and told about the story to which he said wait a second and called to some few random people and got to know about their daughter ananya and said that she has been taken for prostitution and they will not let her go and if you want her then whatever I demand you have to give then I can contact the head of the mafia organization to leave your daughter, to which they got surprised as you are a head of many police stations and your work is to help people and you are asking money in exchange are you even a human being we doubt.
We will go to your higher officials and if needed we will approach government for help to which dilip said you can go to any place in India to anybody you want but nothing you will gain as this is Goa.

Then ananya parents said okay ask your boss as to how much demand he will take to leave our daughter to which dilip contacted to david and told him leave this girl and tell your price we both can share to which david said the girl is very rare possession I have in my bar and I can’t let her go she will earn me huge money but dilip said last time just mark my word and leave the girl and say your price,

To which david said okay since you had protected us many times as good gesture I will leave the girl but the price for the girl is seven crores.

Dilip told it to ananya parents that my friend is willing to leave your daughter for some ransom money to which all were a little bit relief as finally they can have their daughter but dilip interfere and told don’t be so happy as the price to pay to get you daughter is fixed seven crores.

All were totally shocked as to how they will arrange such a huge money, even they sell all their properties also they will be able to collect around two crores and asked dilip to please contact david and ask him to adjust in this amount.

Dilip called david and told that ananya parents are willing to pay only two crores to which david disconnected the call and dilip said to the grieving parents sorry he disconnected the phone and I can do nothing but I suggest to pay seven crores.

Ananya parents were fully traumatized and in deep fear to what will happen to their darling daughter and went to hotel and told we will be leaving tomorrow for Delhi and try to arrange seven crores and all parents left tomorrow for Delhi but the three friends they didn’t go and said we will only come with our friend cum sister ananya till then we are not leaving Goa.

Since the three friends knew that their friend was kept in red bar for the time being they were relaxed that we at least know the location so from now on our main duty is to get her rescue by any means.
This was going to be a critical job for them as they were going to direct fight with the lion in his den, so for this they made a plan that we have to find a person from the red bar who can help them by taking some money and get ananya out from their but it was not just an easy task.

The three friends they started going to red bar daily and mixed up with the people working there and became their friends and somehow managed to get one person named ajit into their plan by giving him two lakhs and ajit gave the details of ananya that for one month she will not have to sleep with anyone as she is below average and our boss had gave strict warning to first feed her get her acquainted with the place and after a month she will be sold like other girls.

But ajit had news that she will be kept in a good place as she was from north side and very beautiful so she will be sold for ten thousand rupees a night which was very high price and only one person will be allowed to spend night with her.

It was very much difficult to spend the time as the days seemed to be stopped but soon the day came when one month was over and ananya was to deal with the customers.

Then malika called ananya to her room and told her go and dress up like a bride as today is the day from now on daily you will have honeymoon, ananya started crying and said, malika please leave me, I want to go home to my parents and friends but no one cared and malika ordered other girls to take ananya to her room and dress her like a bride.

It was eleven that night when the door to ananya room opened and was closed from inside as there was very little light or blue light and ananya was sitting near the bed crying so she couldn’t get to see who was the person.

Soon that person came to ananya and hugged her and started crying, how are you my darling sister, to ananya disbelief she found that raj was hugging her and smile came to her face and started crying hugging raj, please raj get me from this hell.

It was when raj told her the plan that since she was the prized girl of the bar so she need not have to sleep with ten people daily but only with one person, therefore shiv, prithvi and me we three decided to spend the night with you one by one and no person will be going to touch you and in this mean time we will find out the way to get you out of here.

Listening to raj words ananya got some confidence in her and told him you three came for her to which raj said we not only came for your rescue but we can die for you as we are friends from childhood and you are like sister to us.

Then the both talked that night as it was a month they were parted from each other and in the morning raj went out and told to malika I will come often and that time she should be available for me and not others to which malika was happy that they got a good customer from the first day.

Likewise the other night shiv came then the other night prithvi came and so on raj this continued for ten days when the three had a discussion in hotel that we cannot continue forever as we have financial problem and ananya parents will not be able to pay daily neither our parents so we have to do something but what, even the police is not in our side.

Suddenly, there was breaking news that Mr. Dilip Mehta the superintendent of police of Goa is transferred and Mr. Rajvir Sekhawat will take in charge of Goa and gave some details about rajvir that he is a ferocious IPS officer who never leave any criminal go by and in his twelve years of job he had been transferred fifteen times for his honesty, discipline and strictness and Mr. Rajvir is famous for his thirty two encounters which he had done in his service period.

This gave some hope to these three friends and they thought to meet rajvir tomorrow.
The very next day they all went to meet rajvir but no one was allowed to directly meet him but to take appointment when the friends started arguing with the police personnel that whatever shown in tv news was fake, he is like other police only, which got to the ears of rajvir and asked his assistant to see what is going on outside my office.

The assistant took the three friends to rajvir and told these three were making noises and shouting at our people and telling that you are fraud.

Rajvir looked to them and told to his assistant you go outside and close the door and see nobody comes and disturb me and asked the three friends to take a sit and asked about their name and told what your problem is and why you want to see me directly.

Shiv went ahead and started narrating all the incidents that took place from the very first day of arriving to Goa till date, to which rajvir called that station in charge Stephen to his cabin and after an hour when Stephen came to his cabin he told all the story and said, sir david is a local mafia having hands with many powerful people and we can do nothing as many of our people are corrupted and they disclose to david before we think of any raid.

To which rajvir asked the four to keep this as secret and asked for three days time and gave his number to shiv and said I will contact you till then you do whatever you three were doing till now.

Since rajvir was a very fierce police officer and well known by all criminals so to go directly and inquire in david business can be fatal for ananya and other girls so he took ten days holiday and said to the department and seniors that he was going to his home state rajasthan and will come and join office after that.

Rajvir took the flight that same day to rajasthan and went and this news came to these three friends and they were totally devastated as rajvir had made a fool of them and asking for three days time went to his home for ten days and started scolding him like anything and said all police are same.

The third day, the day rajvir had told them to contact, the three friends thought for a while and said let’s call him and ask why he cheated them but to vain the mobile was switched off so they couldn’t get any information of rajvir and told to each other let’s have a walk in the beach and think what to do next.

The three were having a walk when they saw a old beggar in torn off dress asking for alms to which prithvi took out his purse and gave a two thousand rupees note and asked the beggar to bless their friend ananya to escape from david hands and come home safely, to which the beggar said the god is watching and all your wish will come true and said let me take you to one person and asked the three to follow him and near about walking for a kilometre when there were no people near by the beggar said my dear friends I am rajvir sekhawat to which all 03 got shocked and at very next moment were excited and surprised.

Rajvir told them since I am well known to the mafias so they are following my each step and also I can’t trust my staff as some as also connected to the local mafias therefore I had to do a small drill to make the fool out of all and in this two days I had discovered that david is not small local mafia but a dreaded mafia also as he is having business in drugs, liquor, kidnapping, extortions, prostitutions and other illegal activities and has support of local minister, so to catch hold up him I had to know all details of him so I acted as if I am on leave, but now it’s time for some action and I will recommend that for two days you go to ananya but in the third day the game will be over.

Finally the third day came and rajvir came all uniformed to office and all his staffs were in shocked how come he joined the office despite being for ten days holidays. One of the staff asked sir you came on your holiday to which rajvir said, actually commissioner asked me to cancel my leave and join office as we have to do a raid on some local mafia.

Then the staff asked sir to which local mafia to which rajvir gave wrong information to the liquor mafia Samuel.

Rajvir called all the honest staff of Goa police including Stephen and told him to be his second in command and all will follow Stephen and started the meeting that we are going on a raid to local mafia Samuel and arrest him if needed then we will have to encounter and asked all his staff to get uniformed and armed yourself for the evening party that we will have.

But before that rajvir had made two teams one under Stephen and other under inspector stalin as they were most trust worthy and told these two officials all his plan and had send them to field david and his men so at the mid of night we will have a blast.

At twelve at night when rajvir joined with other staffs and jumped inside the van and went towards david route as that was the same route to Samuel so nobody had any doubts but rajvir got many calls from superiors to stop the mission to Samuel to which he said it cannot be done right now as I have to finish this mission today only.

And suddenly rajvir told the driver to stop in the front of red bar and told his staff to go from the front and informed Stephen and stalin by walkie talkie to roundup the bar from back so that no body escapes the perimeter and david will be locked and rajvir gave order for shoot at sight without any hesitation as he wanted to end this mafia raj.

All the staffs that were unaware of the mission were totally shocked and surprised to what is going on as we have been summoned for doing encounter of david a powerful mafia.

Rajvir had made many teams of which some went to david illegal liquor factory some went to casinos and some of the team went to other illegal activities places and all off a sudden rajvir told his team to charge and whoever comes just shoot at sight.

That night was a long night and a dreadful night as only sound of guns firing was heard and till morning five thirty the game was over with ten policemen dead and fourty two people of david dead with david in capture of the police as he was arrested.

Rajvir told his team to arrest the ladies who were working for david and rescued all other girls along with ananya and told her that your friends are waiting for you in the hotel you go and meet them as it was morning so the auto was available and ananya went to meet her friends and was very happy.

Somebody may have leaked the information of david being alive and in custody of rajvir, then suddenly all the seniors of rajvir and from political party calls came to release david otherwise you will have to face severe consequences.

Rajvir told to their seniors that only on one condition I will release david but in the main market area of Goa so that all will get some example of police that we are not eunuch.

It was near about ten in the morning and david was brought in the jeep cuffed to be released to the seniors in front of all people only to be released latter in some other place.

David said to rajvir I have heard many stories about you but didn’t believe that you can catch me but in no time of your joining you had cuffed me but let’s get practical after I get released I will make sure that all the girls will again be in my bar at new place and I will make sure your wife will also be the part of my prostitution business.

All came to the market place where david was to be handover to seniors and thousands of people were watching and cheering that police have done a good job and shouting hail to rajvir who made Goa police proud.

Then came the real twist where rajvir announced in front of thousands people that he have got ordered to release david as soon as the seniors take him and he will start his business again as he has support from ministers and has also told me to take all the girls back and to take my wife and put her in the prostitution business.

But my seniors don’t know me that I am encounter specialist and I don’t listen to any damn seniors or ministers and I had choose these place today so that I can encounter david in front of you to get the fear out from your heart and to make other mafias fear for their lives that rajvir sekhawat is devil to their lives and saying this rajvir took his gun and fired point blank in david head taking his life in instant and once again rajvir became the supercop sensation of India.

The seniors told that they will take action against him till then you are suspended to which rajvir quoted, “I am a born lion I have no fear of any, but all should fear me as I am the king of jungle”.
Rajvir went to his SP quarters as he was fully exhausted from last night and when he reached home he found the three friends with ananya and told them let’s have a cup of tea.

Rajvir shared all his experiences of how he managed to stop the crime or atleast minimise the level of crime wherever he was posted and you girl you are so lucky that you got such friends who can give their lives for you and had struggled a lot to save you from this type of people and said you four take care of each other and be happy in your life and they four bid goodbye and went.

Prithvi called his parents and narrated all the story and said you go and say these news to ananya parents and say that we are coming today only by flight to Delhi.

The four reached Delhi and went to ananya house where everyone parents were waiting for their children’s.

Ananya parents cried a lot seeing their daughter to be safe from such tragedy and thanked shiv, prithvi and raj for showing their love and caring ananya at such a critical time.

Since two months were passed by in between and ananya had to go through such trauma she had to go and have session with psychiatrist for mental peace and after a month gap she was in very good condition like previous and the four started their new journey of life, as first july had come and they had to join office and start work.

The four never discussed about the trip or about the incident as they all don’t want to go through that trauma again and were enjoying their job life very much and days were passing by and it was nearly four months have passed by when one day on tenth December two thousand eighteen while returning home at night after the office party to their surprise an ambulance was kept in the middle of the road and five people all covered up holding guns in their hands stopped their car and told to get out of the car.

Then one guy came forward and opens his cap and muffler and asked ananya how you are my darling, do you remember me or forgot me.

All the four were totally numb and stranded as they had seen any ghost and to their disbelief it was raghu the dealer of david.

Raghu men started to beat the three boys and told them you ruined our business and for you our boss got killed but I will see that how this girl is going to enjoy her life, she will lead a life of prostitute and took her into the ambulance and went, but nothing could be done as the three were lying on the road and nobody was nearby as it was very cold that day as it was eleven that night.

Now raghu told to ananya that you escaped thinking that you got from our grip and enjoy your life, you made a fool out of us as the three friends of yours came as a daily costumer for nearly one and half months but today we will teach you what is honeymoon.

Then raghu started raping ananya and after that one by one rest four started raping her and ananya was shouting and crying but this time nobody was there to save her and for three days she was raped in the van repeatedly by this five men till they reach west Bengal and ananya was lying there naked like a dead body with no response.

Raghu took the van to a warehouse which was situated in a high profile business compound so that even the police or any other strangers will not get a hint what was going on in the warehouse and it was very good location to do all the illegal activities and the place was owned by a very reputed business man raghav saxena who was into many illegal activities but to the world he was an industrialist as he was having different business and doing many social activities so no one can even doubt that such activities he can be involved in.

Raghu went to raghav and said I had caught the girl ananya for which my boss david was shot dead in front of thousands people in Goa and I want to take revenge from her.

I don’t want to take risk in India anymore and I want you to export her to dubai so that we can have a very good income from her.

Then raghav said don’t worry my friend your entire wish will come to reality as our boss and most wanted international mafia raghuvendra singh is coming on twenty third and he will take the decision what to do to this girl who ruined our business since four months.

Finally the day came on twenty fifth December two thousand eighteen and there was a meeting in a private villa whose location is not aware to anyone as it was hide out in some place and in the meeting there were raghu, raghav and raghuvendra.

Raghuvendra said I know what is going on in India since past four months after the incidence of Goa which was a highprofile encounter of a popular local mafia and after that the business has come to a standstill as police have got confidence and are hunting the local mafias and goons and doing encounter, so for the time being we have to be very cautious about our business and to export girls to Dubai it may take time so let’s not concentrate in that, to which raghu said sir I don’t know anything, let the other girls live here but the girl ananya for whom all this happened should be exported to Dubai before sekhawat finds her and hunts us.

Raghuvendra went furious and said you don’t understand in single time that it’s not possible right now as we need some time may be six months so that all this settle down then we can do our business like we did previously.

And if you want that girl to be tortured then sell her in sonagachi for that time being, after that we will sell her in Dubai and yes raghu today only there is a meeting where my representative will make bid for the girls so it’s better you go and make the girls ready for tonight’s deal.

Here comes the day that I had discussed in the very beginning of the story about the round table and finally ananya was sold.

Raghuvendra told raghu that till six months we will not be able to trade all these girls out to Dubai for that moment you send them to sonagachi (which is asia’s largest red light district and where thousands of sex workers work) to my assistant pramila bai who will take good care of these girls as she is the most feared women in sonagachi, and tomorrow I will be leaving India and going to Dubai as India is not a safe place for me.

Raghu took all these girls to pramila and told her that he got order form raghuvendra to make all these girls trained in the field and this girl ananaya she is a prized girl for me so you have to be very cautious of her as she can be danger for you to which pramila said this is sonagachi not Goa where a local mafia got killed here even minister have no power what a police person will do.

Even though Anaya was crying and shouting to leave her alone and send to her parents but no one was there to listen to her and was forcibly dragged and taken to room and locked her down and strict warning was given from pramila that this girl should be ready by today or else you will have to face me.

5 girls went to ananya room and said take this dress and get ready as after few hours customers will be coming and feel youself a lucky one that you only have to sleep with only one person but think of us we daily sleep with ten-twelve persons and you don’t have idea to which trauma we are living.

Ananya said I will die but I am not going to be ready for this nonsense to which one girl went outside and told to raghu that ananya is not willing to get ready to which he went to her room and asked all the girls to go outside and then he locked the room from inside and said after sleeping with five people you have so much arrogance, let me see how much is left now, by saying this he raped her like anything and told her to get ready otherwise I will see that ten-twelve people will rape you rather than one.

As ananya had no other option she was forced to dress like a bride and wait for the customer and at ten at night a customer came and locked the door, he was a dark complexion ugly fat person near about the age of fourty seven years, to which ananya begged him uncle help me from this people and let me go to my home to which that person said don’t try to add any relation I am here to enjoy this night and don’t waste my time and let’s begin and then he started having sex with her but she could only lie down in the bed ideal crying to her fate.

Raghu had called a meeting with his people and gave a strict warning with some photographs that these three boys who are friends of ananya and the SP rajvir sekhawat if comes to your sight just kill them and through their dead bodies in the ganga river.

On the other hand the three friends of ananya were searching of her from pillar to post but could get her nowhere as they had no idea to where they took her and after about fifteen days they decided to meet rajvir sir and narrate the incident maybe he will help us this time also.

The three went to Goa to meet rajvir as rajvir number was deleted from their phone, but nothing happened as per their expectations as rajvir was transferred, so they all went to Stephen the same station in charge and said all the story for which Stephen was upset for the girl as what fate had she born with.

Stephen told them that when rajvir killed david severe actions was taken against him as there was political pressure but the media showed him as a hero a saviour so the ministers were finally bound to bend on their knees and promote rajvir as commissioner of police and order the police department to took away all the charges against him.

The three asked Stephen, sir where can we find rajvir sir to which he said he is currently serving as commissioner of Mumbai in Maharashtra and you can find him there, go quickly as you all don’t have that time and save your friend.

The three went to Mumbai the very next flight they got and went to the commissioner office and met rajvir to which rajvir was happy to see them and said how come you are all here, came for any trip or office work.

Shiv started to cry and said sir our friend ananya is again in great danger to which rajvir said take water and be calm and tell me what exactly happened to which shiv narrated all the story to which rajvir was in shock as to why he was not able to kill that bastard raghu that day.

Rajvir told them I can’t help you from Maharashtra and the second thing is that we don’t have any clue to where ananya is being kept captive or either she has been shipped to any foreign country.

Rajvir told them that first we need to find her but if I issue a copy and send it all police station in India then raghu might get alert and hide her if she is in India, so it’s better that we find her personally by going all the prostitution center in India which is a difficult task.

The 03 friends told that they will do anything and went on a search starting from Maharashtra to which it took them one month only to cover Mumbai itself but that also they could not reach all the girls working as sex workers and thought if we go like this then we can’t find ananya in our life time.

The three said we need some break as our brain is not working and let’s check in some hotel and think what can be done to find ananya in a very easy way and they went and check in some hotel in Mumbai.

After a heavy research work that day shiv and raj came to a conclusion that since raghu was working for david who was a famous local mafia and had demanded seven crores from ananya parents to release her and charging ten thousand rupees a night that means they prize ananya very high, and if we take that case then raghu must have taken her to some place where she must be highly demanded and her price must be high for a night as she must have been sold in crores.

That means we will be only able to find ananya in high profile bar or red light area, so let’s talk to rajvir sir tomorrow as he must be having some idea about high profile area where girls are sold.

The very next day the three friends went to meet rajvir and told about their idea to which rajvir got impressed and said why I couldn’t get that idea, very good my friends you have gave me a hint to search ananya, but give me a week time as to get information of high profile places where girls are held as sex workers then we can take some action.

The time was going by as ananya was to be exported to Dubai in six months and here her friends had no idea that nearly one and half months have passed and only four and half months remaining to save her.
After a week time rajvir called all the three friends and said I have got some idea to which place she might have been kept but it’s not that easy to find as there are some places where police fear to go and if you got seen by raghu and if he finds you then he will not hesitate to kill you that second only, to which prithvi told we don’t fear to die we can do anything for our friend even give our life happily to which rajvir said, my friend your life is costly and if you die then who will save her and she will always rot there in that place, so never say such thing again.

Rajvir told them not to worry I have many friends in those places and they have spy who can search for ananya but you all have to remain calm and stay in your home and let me handle this from here.
Time was flying so fast and nearly two months had passed by so far but couldn’t get any details of ananya and on the other side ananya was going on by the same trauma daily and had to satisfy the customer without her will and praying to god to get her relieve from this hell or gift her death so she can be free from such torture.

Finally the research work showed some light and after rigorous search of ananya for three months they found about her whereabouts that she has been kept in sonagachi.

Rajvir called shiv and told him to come to Mumbai as soon as possible as they have got clue about ananya and the three friends took flight from Delhi and reached Mumbai the very next day and met rajvir and asked where she is to which rajvir said she is in sonagachi, west Bengal the aisa’s largest red light district to which the three got shocked as how they will save her from that place.

Rajvir said don’t panic as we have found out about ananya and the second very discouraging fact is that she is to be exported to dubai in six months and from that about five and half months had gone and we have to rescue ananya within fifteen days which is as impossible as making a dead person alive but we will try our level best.

Rajvir told the three friends that you stay in some hotel and let me meet our minister Mr. Rahul Bhosale who is very close to me and a very good politician and when he met him he narrated the entire story from the starting and immediately Mr. Rahul went to home minister office in delhi the very next day and got a letter for rajvir in which it was mentioned that rajvir and his team can go to any state and place in India for their mission and no police can stop them and if they try then they will be dismissed and put behind the bars for fifteen years and have the permission for shoot at sight if anybody stops rajvir from doing his duty.

When Mr. Rahul came to Mumbai and handed the letter to rajvir, he was very happy to find that now he can rescue ananya and called shiv and told him to get ready as tomorrow they are leaving for sonagachi.

The very next day rajvir along with ananya three friends and with finest team of twenty theyfive members went to west Bengal and when they reached their and inquired about the place they got to know that sonagachi is a huge city of thousands of sex workers living with their family and they are being guraded by hundreds of goons with guns and they check each and every stranger thoroughly.
Rajvir told to his team that we can’t take guns and bullet proof jackets with us as they will get alerted and we may lose ananya, so it’s better that we go there as a simple common person and kill these bastards and get their guns only for our use.

But theory and practical both are different things and rajvir knew that and had many questions going on in his head as to how they will accomplish this mission.

Rajvir told to his team that we are left with only four days and I need two days to think of a plan and the rest two days we will engage, are you all with me and all the team members in a josh said, sir we are with you till our last breath, to which rajvir said lets go to a hotel nearby and have some rest for our mission.

The two days rajvir was very tensed and unable to sleep as to how to go through hundreds of goons and save the girl.

Finally the day came and rajvir had ordered all his men to sleep well so that we can start our mission in the night but before that you all have to change your getup so go for shopping and by whatever you can and change yourself so that nobody will doubt.

That night rajvir came in a beggar getup and all his members in some getup and rajvir told the three friends to stay in hotel as it was going to be a very dangerous mission and he don’t want to get their lives in danger.

So all twenty five men with rajvir went inside sonagachi at different time so that no one doubts and slowly they somehow manage to kill the goons and get their guns but it was not sufficient as the bullets may get over in some time but the people here will not end as hundreds of them are there, so rajvir told them to kill as many as they can and get their guns without anyone knowledge and being caught.

Somehow they managed to get sufficient guns and as per rajvir plan they all surrounded the place where ananya was kept and rajvir send one of his men as a customer to ananya and be with her for her safety as raghu has seen him so he may get caught in the very first sight.

Once his team member went inside he managed to convince ananya and from the window gave signal that all is clear and told that near about seven men are there with guns along with raghu.

Rajvir signalled some of his men to climb the building and try to enter through terrace door and be alert for the next signal and some were given instructions to guard the remaining from outside so that no one can get inside when the firing starts.

Then rajvir gave the signal by firing in air and all enter from front and from the terrace door and sever gun firing was there when seven of raghu men got killed and raghu was in their captivity but now the problem was that hundreds of people with loaded guns have surrounded them and by any means they are not going to let the police people get out of here even if raghu gets killed.

But here comes the twist, raghu had a plan B which is why he told the three friends to stay in the hotel room, he had provided them with guns and bombs and had instructed them that this scene is going to happen and when it happens you 03 have to fire randomly from place to place and throw bombs where there are no people and then you get mixed up with the people as you are from this place only.
By this time the guards were terrified as many police force are there and had surrounded them so they left the place and went on to fight the police and in the mean time rajvir along with his team, ananya and raghu came out of sonagachi and the three friends were already at the gate and when they saw ananya they got happy and cried and hugged her and said we missed you dear.

Rajvir said we don’t have time we have to leave this palce as the guards will know that this was fake and will come searching for them, so they all left place and went to some distance hotel and lived there with raghu in captive till everything gets fine.

After three days when rajvir got to know that there is no more search going on for them they thought to leave the place but ananya was adamant to punish raghu and then leave the place to which rajvir said what’s going on in your head dear.

Ananya said I want a bullet in his head and then his corpse to be hanged in the gate of sonagachi so that every sex workers working there will get to know that no need to fear and if you have will then you can kill these hundreds people as you are in thousands and get out of that hell.

Rajvir instructed his mens to hang him in such a way that nobody sees them as he doesn’t want to lose his member and the work was done at the night, and they all left the place that night only to Mumbai.

When they reached Mumbai ananya and her friends parents were all present there for their childrens who were in the battle ground for the last six months.

Rajvir congratulated the boys whose dedication to save their friends was great as they had lost their job and were searching for her for six months but finally she is here, but since six months ananya had gone through so much trauma and mental disturbance so rajvir advised her parents to get her treated and get her counselled by a good psychiatrist to recover faster.

One year passed out and ananya got treated well and had come out of the trauma and sitting with her three best friend’s shiv, prithvi and raj in CCD and having coffee, were discussing how the six months had passed for them and how they got united again, then the four went to their office as that was their first day in new company.

Author Notes: He is a first time writer and working in a public sector bank with an MBA degree to his name.

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