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But No One Ever Comes Reviews

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Optimism101 gave a rating of 5

Wow am I late. I apologize for my tardiness. To quote my favorite line, "But somebody came." No joke, in 2016 a game called Undertale was released that had that line imbued in the game. When all hope was lost, somebody came. Somebody supported you. Even if love never comes, you still have us, a community of helpers, or your family, or your friends. A special someone can fill up your heart, but friends do it better. In the light or the dark friends will always be there to support you. I wish you the best of luck in your life.

crumpleddaisies gave a rating of 5

i really really like this. what you wrote. the way you wrote it. i really like it.

SaltyGoon Thanks @crumpleddaisies I’m happy you feel that way :))
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Aquarius gave a rating of 5

Never forget that God and the Angels and countless numbers of spirit guides and helpers, who are invisible to earthly eyes, are only waiting for your call. Without calling they cannot come to your help. Just knock at the inner door and ask and it will be opened and assistance will come to you - sometimes from quite unexpected places.

God bless and take good care of yourself.

With love - Aquarius

SaltyGoon Thank you Aquarius. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it. God Bless you too and have a great day.

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Why_Not gave a rating of 5

already did


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