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By drthv8r - 1 Review

This could be the night.
I adjusted my body as he moved his closer to me, wrapping an arm around my waist under the soft, warm blanket. The movie kept flickering in the darkness of the cool basement, but I couldn't concentrate at this point. Was it going to happen? When was it going to happen?
His hand slid from my waist to my wrist and he interwined his fingers between mine.
I froze. I couldn't think of what to do next. His fingers gently squeezed mine. What should I do? Do I look okay? Is my hair in his face? Just relax. Watch the movie. What's the movie even called again? What movie are we watching? I couldn't concentrate. It could happen tonight.
I suddenly felt extrememly warm. I could feel his body heat moving towards me along with my own getting trapped under the heavy blanket. I thought I was going to start sweating beads. Is he comfortable? Is it going to happen? Does he know what we're watching? I tried forcing myself to relax and loosen up a bit, moving my legs around on the couch to keep the blood flowing.
His nose touched the corner of my ear and he rested his cheek on my neck. I froze.
My heart was pumping and my mind was racing. Was it going to happen now? What should I do? Keep moving around. No, don't keep moving. Relax. Settle down. It may not even happen tonight. Stop worrying. What can go wrong?
"Everything," I whispered.
"Everything what?" he whispered back.
I blushed immediately. "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud." I was lucky he couldn't see my red face in the darkness of the basement.
"Oh, I thought it had to do with the movie. I haven't really been paying much attention the last couple of minutes."
What? Not watching the movie? What was he thinking about? Stop blushing. Relax. Settle down. Maybe move around?
I slid down the couch a little bit and laid my head on his shoulder, pretending it was the most comfortable position I could find. I felt him tense up a bit but I'm positive I saw a smile creep into his lips as I adjusted myself.
His grip tightened around my fingers.
Now what? Is it going to happen now? I could feel my heart racing, I was almost positive he could hear it. I couldn't hear myself breathe over the beating of my heart. Maybe I wasn't breathing. My mind wouldn't leave me alone.
I stared at the tv screen, trying to take my mind off of what was happening and back on to the movie. The vivid colors only distracted my vision, the thoughts still danced around in my head. Then the worst possible thing happened.
The movie stopped.
My breathing stopped along with it. My head was racing. My heart was throbbing, I couldn't lift my head off his shoulder if I wanted to, all the thoughts seemed to weigh it down. My stomach started turning. I could feel the gut-ache coming. Were they butterflies? They couldn't be butterflies, nothing had happened yet. I forced myself to start breathing again but the questions continued. Are my hands sweaty? What's he thinking? What do I do now? Do I just sit here through the credits? Are my lips dry? Should I lick my lips? Should I move my head? How long are these credits? How much time has it been since the credits started? These credits are taking forever! What do I do after the credits?
I froze up again. I felt his head tilt and rest on mine. He started stroking my fingers.
I closed my eyes. I had never felt more nervous in my life. What was happening? What should I do? I felt like just getting up and running to my room to hide in the corner. Yeah, running and hiding sounds good. Just wait til the credits are done. Then run and hide. Do I walk with him to do the door? I can't do it. Just run and hide. How much longer are the credits?
He stood up, interrupting my thoughts.
Turning to look at my with his bright blue eyes, I could sense the disappointment through the excitement they seemed to be telling. "Well thanks for having me over," he said quietly and nervously as I stood up from the couch. "I enjoyed the movie."
I smiled at him and he smiled back. I couldn't think of what to say. My mind was still going crazy. Should I do it? No, wait for him. Gosh, his eyes are pretty. What should I do now? Play with my hair? I gotta stop staring. Oh my gosh, has my mouth been open this whole time?
He started walking towards the stairs. Out of habit I followed him, a step and a half behind. Was it over? Was this how the night is going to end? The questions continued but the ectsasy left. I was almost disappointed.
Suddenly he stopped walking. I froze in my tracks as he turned around and looked me in the eyes. I could see a fire burning inside that bright blue gaze.
"Aww hell..." he whispered just loud enough for me to hear. I couldn't move and the ectasy came back. My heart was racing and I could almost see his beating out of his chest. His left hand slid through my hair to my neck and his right hand found my lower back. In one swift movement he pulled my statue-like figure close to his and his soft lips found mine.
Every nervous thought left my head.
I was lost in the moment, I felt numb and limp all over. My body started trembling in excitement. I could tell not even a second had passed but it seemed like an hour. I finally found the strength to wrap my arms around his neck and return the lips.
The flood of emotions almost put me on the ground. It was like my arms around his neck were hanging on for dear life. We finally stopped and he pressed his forehead against mine, putting both hands around my waist. I saw him smile.
"God, that's adorable."
"What is?" I managed to choke out past the lump in my throat.
"The smile on your face right now."
I was smiling? Was I really smiling? Apparently the emotions in my head and heart had taken over my body and couldn't help but smiling wider. Everything was perfect. His smile widened. I gave him another peck and he pulled me as tight as he could.
"Goodnight," he whispered into my ear. I tried hugging him tighter but my weak arms were nothing compared to his strong grip. He let me go and I forced myself to let go and stood there as i watched him go up the stairs and out the garage door.
The butterflies came.
I barely made it back to the couch and collapsed. I could tell I was still smiling, but I couldn't move my face. I replayed the moment over and over in my head, not letting it disappear or get away. The butterflies continued to flutter.
I felt my heart leave the back of my throat and return to its normal place in my chest. The questions flooded my head, but they were all wonderful and I was not worried.
My first kiss was a success. It could not have been more perfect.
I closed my eyes, still smiling, and let the cool darkness of the basement take my consciousness.

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26 Jul, 2011
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