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Bye, Bye, Brother (Pt. 3)
Bye, Bye, Brother (Pt. 3)

Bye, Bye, Brother (Pt. 3)

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1 week later

My dad was still going back and forth from Arizona, trying to help my brother, who was still unconscious. I still wasn't eating. I didn't want to. All I could think about what the coma my brother was lying in. It was a lot. It was weighing on my shoulders. I still didn't know if he would survive. He had been airlifted and the doctors had already performed surgery on him, 4 times.

He still wasn't waking up.

1 week later:

My mom, who works A LOT had to pick me up and drop me off for school every morning. So I would arrive at school at 6:00 am and wait for the gates to open. I would watch the teachers walk in one by one

- Hi, rose! You're here early.

- Good morning, yes I sure am.

I tried to stay happy but it was impossible. I am the energetic, bubbly and humorous one of my group. I was always the one to make my friends laugh. When some "friends" found out that I was no longer popular, they left. They acted as if they didn't know me. I was a strange person that was toxic and not popular. I received a phone call from my dad telling me he was catching the next flight back home. He told me

- Your brother has woken and he is out of the coma but he needs a tube to breathe.

My jaw dropped to the floor, this was amazing news.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed the story!

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4 Apr, 2019
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