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The Calling of the Caviar
The Calling of the Caviar

The Calling of the Caviar


What's to impress all the Kingsmen the Queen sits in her____ playful chair
Shakespearean I love thee dress. Welcome____ my good friends so dear
Romans and Caviar lend me your wealthy hands
It's an honor I call you to whet our hearty appetites
Caviar is like an Aphrodite comest thou to fancy me
With E-notes V for victory he courted me special days
Rennaisance diary war kisses sword-like destiny
All him what a deep high arch brow until I saw him he charged me
Too many love chillings long necklace crystallized his words
He was looking out the rear view window Hitchcock of birds
soulful silence. Like Appollo did this become new planet cosmo
" My Deer" were going Peacock such rarity that parody
Elizabeth so mutton she eats bacon thinks she's swan lady
no control all about God and your soul
The Grecian Goddess next round caviar cultivates the soul
The butler comes over like colonel mustard clues
Financing the lady with the velvet seduce me shoes
What a wizard he's brilliant take the caviar so flamboyant.

Author Notes: Shakespearean spark of a sizzle

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27 Mar, 2017
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<1 min
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