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Calling out

Calling out

By Sam_Angela

     I glanced at my clock it's 7:56 "help" I screamed. I'm late to school. I shut my laptop heading to the mirror on my door. My face skin white as porcelain. My lips watermelon pink, long light brown hair and big light brown eyes. My light purple dress fit my body a bit big.. I quickly grabbed my backpack and shut my bedroom door and hurried downstairs to give my mom a kiss "bye mom, love you see you later". My mom quickly stood  up her soft lips touching my check, "bye baby have a good day". I flashed a smile shut the door and ran to my bus stop. Everyone was Smiling looking happy, girls with their makeup sparkling in the early sun. Boys starring at them like they were golden angels. And me well I'm just Emma, Emma Madison. A normal white girl. It's funny because thats what a girl told me. I'm a normal white girl that's only 16 and I don't understand shit in life, That I should kill my self. I swallow hard to keep my distance. "don't hurt her" I think in my mind. " keep it in". 
    "hey Emma" Jason calls out. He runs towards me his ashy blonde hair tossing away, his green eyes glistening in the sun. 
 "Hey" i exclaimed reaching for a hug. 
 "wait" he reaches in his back pack takes out a little blue  box.
"friendship braclets" he exclaims reaching in to hug me.
"what how cool Jason, thank you" I reached in the little blue box. 
"pick one, best or friend" he flashes a smile showing all his straight white teeth. 
"BEST" I shout. 
"cool lets go to class" he shuts the blue box and stuffs it into his back pack.
"I hope that wasent gay hahahaha" 
"of course not its cool". 
     Class was the usuall a simple good morning by my teacher Mrs.Edison Ronday, she always wore long skirts with a fuzzy jacket, it seemed like she was stuck in the 70s always making cheesy jokes and laughing at her own jokes, while everyone stared at her like "just stop".But me and Mrs. Edison had a strong bond which made people think I was teachers pet. Little do they know she had saved me from hanging myself during soft more year at a rally. No one knows what you go through, no body cares until they know and see with their own eyes.
"good morning class" Mrs. Edison smiled at the class, sat down on her swivel chair and took roll. 
"hey white girl, aren't you the one girl who almost killed yourself during a rally last year"? The girl chuckled and starred hard into my eyes waiting for a answer.
"no where did you hear that"? I gulped, thinking I get this question everyday but today I felt an urge to just say No.
"liar you should have killed your self, you killed Marissa my best friend, just get lost no one believes you".
My eyes watered up, I let my hair fall to the side of my face so one could see and starred hard at my paper trying to ignore everyone's stares. No one will ever stop. 


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About This Story
13 Sep, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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