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Calling to Me Part 2
Calling to Me Part 2

Calling to Me Part 2

Andrew_And_AnaMentally Mina
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I wake up with a small leopard-print blanket covering me and a pillow under my arm. I stand up slowly and go into the kitchen. I can walk a little better. I grab a diet Pepsi and one pain killer and whatever the other pill was and take both of them. I hear snoring upstairs and smile slightly. I head upstairs and go into Easton's bedroom and grab an outfit, black tank top and some leggings, and go and take a shower. After, I blow dry my hair and head back downstairs. I open the fridge and pull out the carton of eggs and crack five into a bowl. After making the eggs I cut the bunch in half and put one half on a plate for me and the other half onto another plate and set it in the microwave for East. I eat the amount on my plate, then set it in the sink and go put muck boots on, then head to the stables where all the horses and pony's were.

Easton, being the kid friendly guy he is, made the farm he owned down the road a place for kids to pet the animals and see a few rare animals. I'm considered an animal whisperer, because animals of all kind are drawn to me. We own three albino tigers, five horses, four pony's, chickens, cows, a pig, hamsters, one peacock, a Border Collie, and a German Shepard. I visit the tigers first and they run around the fenced in area when they see me. I open the gate and then close it and they run up andstart nuzzling me. I laugh and scratch each of them behind their ears. "I have to go feed Luna and Lenna, guys. I'll be back," I tell them and leave to go to the barn where Luna and Lenna live. Luna, my Border Collie, jumps up and starts barking, while Lenna, Easton's German Shepard, just lays on the hay bale and snores. Lenna is 6 years old and got into a car accident when she was 4, causing her left back leg to have a limp if she walks on it too long. Luna is 4 years old and full of energy, she herds the cows when they're in the feild and need to get back to the fenced in area Easton and I built. I grab the dog food and pout it into each of their bowls then go to the spiket and fill their water bowl. I go over to the horses and fill their food and clean each of them, then take a break. After ten minutes of talking to Marshal I head outside with two buckets of meat for the tigers. I put on the elbow-length gloves and go inside the fencing area. Mia and Anna come foreward slowly and Buck runs ahead of them. Buck, being the youngest of the three white tigers, is always hyper. Mia and Anna are twins and are just lazy, but are two years older than Buck. I pull out the kiddie pool and pour the meat in it, then head down to see William. I grab the bucket of plants and pour it in the feeding thing, then pet him and head back to the barn.

"C'mon Luna! Lenna, wanna see Easton?" Lenna's head pops up at the mention of East, and I grab each of their leashes and clip them on each of them. It's unnecisarry, but they will get distracted if they see something in the woods and will chase after it. I get onto my quad and rev the engine. Lenna jumps on the back and Luna doesn't. I speed off and Luna is able to keep up. I know it sounds dangerous to have her on a leash and having her running behind the quad, but it's actually not. She's pretty much a fluffy cheetah!

Once we get to the cabin, Luna is tuckered out and sweating like a madman. I walk in and Luna goes in search for a bowl of water. I hear something upstairs, so I go see what it is. I go up to the hallway and there's Easton and a woman fighting, her looking pissed as hell and him looking surprised or shocked. "--WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME FOR SOME BITCH!?" the woman screams, and I freeze.

"Emma isn't a bitch, you are. Get out, Sophie--" he looks over and sees me and I start laughing.

"Couldn't even be gone for half an hour and you already got someone yelling at you," I am wheezing from laughing so hard, and then a pain shoots through my back and my laughing stops short. "Damn, I hate my rib," I mutter and lean against the wall to catch my breath.

"Em, you okay?" He asks me, and I nod.

"I'm fine. I was down by the barn, so I'm just tired."

"Okay..." He says, and then the woman practically screams.

"Stop ignoring me!!!" She says, like a child not getting what it wants.

I grab her arm and start dragging her down the stairs. Once we reach the door, I open it and say, "Out you go." And push her into the dirt. Who knows? Maybe I am a bitch.

Author Notes: Dam. i just realized how little of friends I have on Avakin Life >.<

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Mentally Mina
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2 Jun, 2021
Read Time
4 mins
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