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Callista's Story: Part 2
Callista's Story: Part 2

Callista's Story: Part 2

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Once I get home I set Ashley in her crib and then go over to the computer and turn it on. One new Email

Hey, it's Rhys. So, I will be at the bar around 5:30 if ya wanna hang out before you start work, but I probably will invite my brother and his girlfriend. His names is Jameson. -Rhys

I sigh, and head to the kitchen to make an early dinner for Ashley, while calling our neighbor.

"Hey, Angela! Can you watch Ashley tonight? I'm doing a double shift, so I won't be back until tomorrow morning." I stir the mashed potatos, turn off the back burner and set Ashley's Mac 'n Cheese there for it to cool down, and pull the green beans out of the microwave.

"Sure! I can be over in 20 minutes!" I look at the clock.

5:00 P.M.

"Okay! Bye!" I hang up and dish Ashleys plate up before putting the rest of the food in tupawares and setting them in the fridge. I'll take them to work.

After I feed Ashley, I take a shower and get dressed in ripped jeans, and a Navy blue shirt.

I hear a knock and go over to the door and open it. "Hey, Angela!" I hug her.

"Hey, C! I brought my dog, Buster, over! I hope thats not a problem."

"It's fine!" I look and see a German Shepard. "Hey, Buster!" I pet him and his tail wags wildly.

"I gotta head out, Ashley's already had dinner and I gave her a bath. Honestly just give her attention until she falls asleep and then you're free." I hug her again and grab my purse and phone. I look at my phone clock and it's 5:20.

"Shoot, Rhys is going to be wondering where I am. Bye!" I rush down the stairs and to my car. I look from the car and motercycle I got as a birthday gift from my dad.

"I'ma take the motercycle." I whisper and a grin spreads over my face as I put the helment on and speed off toward the highway.

Once I get to the bar two guys are already trying to get my attention, but I ignore them as I head inside.

"Girlie, you're early." Raymond pulls me into a hug and whispers in my ear, "He came back."

"Shit. Where is he?" I whisper back and he looks over to where a guy was staring at us. "Shit, you're right."

I look around and see Rhys and another guy. I skip over there and Raymond follows me.

"Hey, Rhys!" I say and I nod my head back.

"Hey, Callista!" he says and nods his head in understanding. "Where's Ashley?"

"My neighbor watches her when I have to work. Holy shit theres Andy. Be right back." I go over to a man much taller than me and pull him into a hug.

"He- whats this for? I mean, I know I'm awesome, but no need get touchy feely." Andy says and laughs.

"My ex is here. Also, you need to meet someone." I say and drag him back toward Rhys and the other guys.

"I was unwillingly brought here by an awesomely cute girl. I'm weak." Andy mumbles and I laugh.

I drag him to the booth Rhys was at. "Andy meet Rhys. Rhys meet Andy. Raymond, I'm gonna go put my stuff away real quick."

"'Kay. Keep an eye out for the dude that asked about you."

"Already am."

"Sure you don't need me to help out? What if he follows you?" Rhys asks.

"I'll be okay. I know someone will be back where we put our stuff, and they always watch my back. Just keep an eye on him and if he follows me message me and tell me."

"Okay." I walk away and see James watching me as I dissapear through the doors, my phone buzzes and I open it.

He's following you.

I replied back and kept walking toward my mini locker. "Hey, Callista!"

I look up and see a co-worker. "Hey, Remy."

"Who's the dude behind you."

"Holy fuck! James go away." I growl and he laughs.

"No, Callista. Where's our daughter?"

"My daughter. You have no part in her life." I snap, and he rolls his eyes.

"She is our daughter. Who brought her into this world? Me—"

"Me. I gave birth to her. You would have told me to have an abortion so I can be your fucking toy. Oh, and not to mention I had to deal with the pregnancy for 9 months, the puking, working even when I was pregnant with her, and being disowned by my damn mother." I was practically in tears by then.

"Callista!" Rhys says and rushes past James. "Fuck off, asshole."

"I will be back." and James walks away.

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26 Apr, 2021
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