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Callista's Story: Part 3
Callista's Story: Part 3

Callista's Story: Part 3

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"Hey, sweets." a man older than me says as I hand him his beer and small plate of fries.

"Yes, Michael?" I say, and turn around to wipe the counter before a rush of more people come in for food and drinks.

"How about that date?" he says.

"I don't date. And, anyway, you're too old for me." I say and see Andy gesture for another drink. I refill his cup and set it on the coaster in front of him. He grabs my hand for a second then lets it go. "Yes, Andy?"

"Just showing him who you're with."

I laugh. "I'm not dating you, Andy. We are best friends." I see a wave of saddness cross his face, but it washes away before I can tell if I was just seeing things.

"Can I get a burger?" he says as if what he said never happened.

"Sure," I turn toward grill and tell Anastaisia what Andy wanted, and she just nodded before putting a hamburger patty on the grill. I look at the clock and realize my break started a few minutes ago, so I untie my apron with the bar's logo and go over and grab Andy's hand, before draggin him out the back door.

"My burger!" he exlaims.

"I told her to keep it there for when you get back," I roll my eyes. "What's your problem? You grabbed my hand when Michael was staring at me and then you said you just wanted him to see who I was with. I don—" he cuts me off by kissing me.

Author Notes: I didn't know what was gonna happen, just go along with it .-.

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27 Apr, 2021
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