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By jobella


"I can't believe that our parents all agree for us to spend the summer." "At this camp that none of them ever heard of instead of letting us stay at my uncle's dude ranch." "I mean who lets their kids go off to the middle of nowhere." "Without knowing where they're going to be staying at?" Tommy Cub whined as he stared out the camp bus window

"Tommy, are you going to complain the whole time we're out here?" "They didn't just let us go off Puppy's mom researched the camp." "Before our parents all agreed that." "This would be a great place for us to spend our summer vacation" Daisy Penguin frowned

"Yah for all they know." "We can all be slaughter as soon as we get there" Tommy grinned back at her. And before she could answer the bus driver yelled

"Okay everyone off the bus!"

They followed the driver off the bus and collected their bags

"Umm why? Are we getting off out here?" "Where is the camp all I see is just a bunch of over grown trees" Sammy Turtle frowned

"Oh, it's just through that pebble path you can't miss it" The driver smiled. He then shut the baggage door and stepped back inside the bus

"Okay kids you all have a great time here at camp." "And I'll meet you all right here in a few weeks!" He smiled before he drove off

"Oh great!" "You'd think that someone from the camp would be here to pick us up" Tommy smirked

"Tommy, you heard the driver the camp is just through that path" Puppy answered him "A little exercise isn't going to kill you"

"Yah but still" Tommy began to answer her

"Oh, for crying out loud Tommy!" "Just pick up your stuff and let's get going." "We all know that life would've been great if we just spent the summer at your uncle's dude ranch!" Sammy laughed

"The driver didn't lie." "They only had to walk a short ways before they came across a wooden sign." "That pointed towards the camp entrance"

"Oh wow!" "It looks so—"

"Peaceful!" Sammy finished for Puppy as they all looked around the campsite

"Yah but it also looks so empty" Vicky Dragonfly added "Shouldn't there be kids running around. Or swimming in the lake"

"They probable are inside that cabin over there" Daisy answered her pointing to a stone cabin that looked bigger from the others. "They're probably eating lunch or something" She added

"Or maybe the driver dropped us off at the wrong camp" Tommy smirked

"Oh yah right!" "Because all these camps are right next to one another that he just got confused." "On which one is the right one" Daisy frowned "I'm sure that they're in there"

They followed the path down towards the cabin Vicky opened the door and found a small-hounded dog staring out the window

"Umm hi I'm Vicky, my friends and I." "We just arrived at camp and was wondering where everyone was"

"Hi I'm Amy, I'm the only one here everyone else left" She sobbed

"Left?" "Left where?" "And why didn't you go with them and stayed here all by yourself?" Puppy asked frowning. A smile spread across Amy's face before she busted out laughing

"Sorry you guys!" "I couldn't keep a straight face anymore you can all come out now!"

Soon the cabin was filled with smiling campers. All of them just staring at the gang

"Hey!" "What's going on here?" "Was this some kind of sick joke?" Tommy frowned

"Oh, don't get upset little ones we do this to all the new campers." "My name is Mr. Troll, the camp director" "Amy, why don't you show them were their cabins are." "And help them unpack then after you all finish I'll see you, kids a bit later" He smiled

"So what's there to do round here besides playing unfunny pranks on the new kids?" Tommy asked Amy as they were walking towards their cabins. Amy just laughed then answered

"Oh, there's lots of things to do we play sports, do arts and crafts, go swimming." "And oh we're also planning a fishing trip and whoever catches the biggest fish will win 20 bucks." "There's only one thing" Amy began

A scream coming from the end of the cornfield interrupted her

"Oh my!" "This is just awful!" The voice cried. The gang ran over towards him

"What's the matter Mr. Buggy?" Amy asked him

"The corn!" "It's ruin!"

The gang leaned over to have a closer look and noticed that the corn. Had a nasty brown color to it and was full of worms

"Oh gross!" Puppy cried out "What happened to it?"

"Sorry kids, I can't talk now I've to go. "And see if I can help the corn with my spell book" He answered him

"With your what book?" Sammy asked

"Yes, my spell book it tells me everything that." "I need to know on how I can take care of the crops. "Now I've wasted enough time I've to run," He explained

"What a totally weirdo." "He really believes in all that spell magic stuff," Amy told them as they watched him run off mumbling to himself. And before Daisy could answer her a paw reached out from behind her and tapped her on the shoulder

"Boo!" Tony Cow laughed

"Tony!" "You creep you scared me half to death!" Amy cried

"Chill Am, just having some fun!" "What's wrong with creepy Buggy?" "He ran passed me like a bat out of hell" Tony shrugged

"Oh, he's freaking bout the corn it was full of worms and went to check his stupid spell book to help it" Amy answered

"Oh, so are you guys expecting waiting for him to come back." "Or do you want to go down to the lake house and take the boat out for a spin" Tony asked them smiling

"Lake House!" They all agreed on

Later that night the gang noticed that the camp director looked tensed every time. He looked towards the table in where Mr. Buggy was eating. Puppy leaned over to Daisy and whispered in her ear

"Is it just me or do you find that there's something weird on how everyone's acting"

"Yah, somewhat but so far everything round here is a bit weird," Daisy whispered back. Puppy was about to answer her back when someone yelled out from across the room

"Hey Mr. Troll!" "Are you going to tell us one of your famous ghost stories tonight?"

Mr. Troll glanced nervously at Mr. Buggy then answered

"Umm sorry kids, but it's been a very long day I think that it's best if." "We just call it a night I'll see you all bright and early"

A few minutes later, they were back inside their cabins

"Was it only me but wasn't it a bit weird how Troll kept staring at Buggy." "Like he was scared of him or something," Puppy asked them

"Yah, I could've swore that old Buggy nodded his head no." "When that kid asked him about the ghost stories." "I thought that was part of

The whole camp experience." "To sit round a big camp fire trying to spook one another Tommy added

"Yah maybe. But I can't help shaking off the feeling that there's something very strange going on in this camp" Vicky shrugged

"So what are we going to do today?" Daisy asked them after breakfast

"Don't know why don't we go by the lake house and see if we can take the boat out again" Tommy shrugged

A few minutes later, the gang waved over towards Amy. Who was getting out of the water and walking over towards them

"Hey guys!" "What's up?" She asked them

"We were looking for Tony and see if we could take out the boat again" Tommy shrugged

"Oh, I saw him by the dock earlier come on I'll walk you, guys over"

Minutes later, they found Tony sitting on the dock slowly rocking himself

"Tony?" "Are you okay?" "What's the matter?" Amy asked

"It's in there!" "It's in the water and it grabbed me and kept pulling me under I finally broke my self-free!" He sobbed

"What grabbed you?" Vicky asked

"I don't know but I could've sworn it looked like Mr. Buggy." "He was in the water and it tried to drown me!" He cried out

"Whoa!" "Whoa!" "Either this is another of your not funny jokes." "Or you've been sitting out in the sun to long" Tommy frowned

"It's not a joke!" "He really tried to drown me!" Tony yelled

"Okay, okay we believe you come on let's go back to our cabins" Puppy told them

When they got back to their cabin, they all read the words aloud. That was written in big letters on their wall


"Okay you two start talking what's going on around here." "I know you are hiding something!" Tommy cried out. Tony looked over towards Amy direction and shrugged

"We might as well tell them it's probably too late any ways"

"Too late for what?" "Enough with the riddles and tell us what's going on already!" Sammy cried out

"Okay we'll tell you there have been stories going around from the older counselors." "About other campers disappearing into thin air and they say that the reason is—"

"Hi kids!" "Nice day isn't it?" "Have any of you have seen Mr. Troll around?" A voice from the door way interrupted Amy

"Umm I saw him earlier by the food hall" Tony answered him

"Oh, I looked there I must've just missed him." "Okay well you, kids have a good day and I'll see you all a bit later" Mr. Buggy smiled before he walked away

"Now there goes one weird dude," Sammy muttered

"Yah he didn't even seen to notice what was written on the wall"

"Look, it's not safe to talk here there are too many eyes on us" Amy nervously started explaining, "I don't like the way he kept smiling like nothing was wrong. " "Let's meet by the old lake house tomorrow morning." "And if anybody asks just tell them that you're going for a nature hike or something." "I promise to tell you the rest of the story then" She added then she and Tony left before the gang could answer

The next morning the gang woke up to notice that all their shoes were missing

"I can't believe that someone broke into our cabin in the middle of the night and stole our shoes!" Daisy cried out

"I bet it was Tony and Amy I bet this was another of their sick jokes" Tommy answered her frowning

"I don't think it was them I'm telling you guy, there's something very weird going on around here." "I say we go to hear what they've to say" Puppy told them

A few minutes later, they made their way towards the old lake house and waited for Tony and Amy to arrive

"What's this place?" Puppy asked, as they looked round inside

"I don't know but I say we forget about the whole thing and just go back to camp" Sammy answered her

"Oh great!" He added

"What's the matter?" Vicky asked

"The stupid door doesn't open its stuck or something!" He cried as he continued trying to open the door. Puppy was about to answer him when a loud noise made them jump

"Now what?" Tommy frowned. Vicky took out a small flashlight from her back pocket and turned it on. They screamed when they noticed that Tony and Amy was staring at them from across the room

"Whoa!" "Where did you two come from?" Tommy cried out

"Yah you nearly gave us a heart attack how long were you guys been hiding back there?" Daisy added frowning

"We sneaked in through the back door I wanted to make sure that we weren't being followed." "Cause if they found out we all be in some real trouble"

"If who found out?" "What are you blabbing about Amy?" Daisy asked

"Mr. Buggy, he's gone mad he says that his spell book says that we must stay inside the camp." "That we're all cursed and can't leave the camp for no reason until its safe again" Amy began explaining

"What!" "He can't keep us here against our will!" Sammy interrupted. Amy was about to answer him when a loud noise interrupted her

"What was that noise?" Vicky asked

"I don't know but I think we should go back." "If Mr. Buggy really has become nutty its best that we figure out." "How to escape without him knowing that we know" Puppy told them

Then after talking it over for a few more minutes. They huddled close together and their way back to camp

"Hey!" "I don't think that we're going the right way. I don't remember seeing that bridge on the way up here," Tommy stated

"Tommy, you probably didn't notice it I'm sure that we're heading in the right way" Puppy smiled

"Let's just keep going the faster we get back without anyone". "Noticing that we've been missing the safer I feel" Amy told them

"Yah, plus I'm starving we should've never skipped breakfast" Tommy added

They continued following the riverbank then after a few more minutes Tommy repeated

"Are you sure that we are going the right way?"

"Shh, did you hear that?" Vicky asked

"Yeah it sounded like some one's beating drums." "But I can't tell which way it's coming from." "It sounds like it coming from all around us" Daisy answered her

"Hey look is that smoke coming over those bushes?" Puppy asked them

"Way to go dude that's probably a camp fire we found our way back!" Tommy cried out

"Are there could be some mass murder just waiting to chop us up to little bitty pieces" Sammy added

"Wow!" Sammy, that's the spirit now let's go before I starve to death!" Tommy answered him laughing

Still huddled together they walked out of the woods. nd into a big campfire surrendered by a group of confused campers. Who were just strangely grinning at them?

"Oh wow!" "Talk about perfect timing I was just bout to tell one of my famous ghost stories." "Where have you, kids been? "Mr. Troll smiled

"Huh?" "But this can't be the same camp it's just" Sammy began

"Oh, umm we went for an early morning hike and lost track of time" Tommy interrupted Sammy

"Oh, you kids look hungry why don't you go up to the food hall and see." " If the cook can fix you up a little snack" Mr. Troll smiled "And I'll talk to you kids a bit later then walked away" before the gang could answer him

"Okay I need someone to pinch me because I feel like I just fell into the rabbit hole" Daisy sighed

"Yah, how can we be at the same camp?" "When everything looks so different," Vicky added. Puppy was about to answer her when Tony came running up to them

"Hey!" "Have you guys seen Amy?" He asked" I've been looking all over for her since we got back but I can't find her"

"Nope we haven't seen her." "But if we do I'll tell her you're looking for her" Tommy answered him

Then after grabbing a quick bit. They decided to head towards Mr. Troll's office. And see if he could help them figure out what was going on

"It looks like he's not in here" Tommy shrugged

"Yah, but there's a phone!" Sammy cried out "Maybe we can call someone and help us get out of here"

He went over to the desk and raised the phone to his ear then slammed back down again

"Oh great!" "There's no dial tone—

"That's because it's not plugged in" A voice coming from the door interrupted. They turned around and noticed that Mr. Troll was standing there staring at them

"Oh umm hi, we were just looking for you" Puppy began "You haven't seen Amy have you?"

"I believe I saw her a few minutes ago heading down the lake house." "Why do not you kids go and see if she's still there" Mr. Troll answered her smiling

"Umm thanks, I guess we'll see you later" Puppy waved

"I'm telling you we somehow got sucked inside the twilight zone." "There's something very weird going on" Sammy whispered to the others as they headed

Towards the lake house. Tommy was about to answer him when a startled cries interrupted him

"Now what" Puppy thought to himself as they rushed to see who cried out for help

"Hurry" "You've to help me out of here!" "Before they get back! "Amy yelled out

"Amy, how did you get in there?" Vicky asked looking down a hole she was trapped in

"Buggy hit me over the head and threw me in here" Amy began "So I couldn't tell you the truth" "He figured if he would throw me in here". "You'd never find me and it'd be too late"

"Too late for what?" Daisy asked

"If we don't escape Buggy, will keep us all prisoners forever." "And you'll never see your parents again now." "Please help me out of here before they come back," Amy pleaded

The gang just looked at each other with scared and confused looks on their faces. Before they decided to help Amy out of the hole after a few minutes, she was out and dusted herself off. And then took off running through the woods and towards the lake

"Hey wait up!" "Where are you going?" Puppy cried out as they ran after her

"We've to go back the way we came it's our only choice to escape!" Amy yelled back

"This is totally nuts" Puppy thought to himself as she and the gang continued to follow Amy

A few seconds later, the sounds of drums came through the woods

"Oh no!" "They know just keep" Amy was interrupted when she bumped into Mr. Buggy

"Oh, there you kids are we've been looking all over for you" He smiled

"Oh, hi we were just "Vicky began

"Why don't we go back to camp?" "And you can tell me all bout it there" He interrupted her

As soon as they got back to camp both Mr. Buggy and Mr. Troll turned to Amy and cried

"Amy!" "What do you think you're doing do you think we'd let you break the rules and get away with it?"

"I don't care! I" "hate it here and I hate you!" "You can't keep me in here any longer!" She cried back

"Will someone please tell us what's going on around here?" Tommy frowned "You really are not keeping us here against our will are you?"

"Well of course we are!" Mr. Buggy laughed

"Huh?" "Are you nuts you can't just keep us here and think you're going to get away with it?" Daisy yelled

"Now, now let's not get our furs all riffled let's all clam down and let me explain" Mr. Troll started to explain

"Don't listen to him. He's only going to lie to you!" Amy sobbed. Mr. Buggy just ignored her outburst and continued

"You see kids many years ago this camp was built over ancient hollow ground." "Years later the spirits that once owned the land returned and cursed us." "They would've murdered us right there but decided on offering us a deal instead"

"What kind of deal?" Puppy asked

"A powerful one." "You see during the winter months we all go into a deep sleep" ". But each summer the whole camp including us comes back to life we promise to take care of the land." "We keep it pure and clean we grow new crops and cure those who are not doing so well." "And in return we are kept alive so now do you

Understand if we had allowed you to help them escape." "We've been breaking our deal and angry the spirits by giving away its secrets"

"Oh wow!" "We almost destroyed the whole camp without evening knowing it." The girls cried out in unison. Mr. Buggy looked up to the sky and answered

"We've to hurry it's almost time for us to rest again"

"Okay don't let us stop you." "Just tell us how to get out of here and we'll be on our way" Sammy answered him. And before any of them could answer him Amy took out a lighter and began lighting one shrub

"Let it burn!"

"Amy, no!" "Stop you don't know what you're doing!" Mr. Buggy cried out horrified

"Sammy, quick!" "Grab that piece of blanket from that table over there and help me toss it over!" Tommy yelled. A few seconds later, the fire was out

"Oh, thank you!" "Now quick run towards the river as fast as you can!" "And remember to always keep our secret safe remember you all promised never to tell!" "Now go before it's too late!" Mr. Buggy yelled as he and the others began to fade away

A few seconds later, they took off running as fast as they could along the river. And didn't stop until they came across a big water fall where the river ended

"Oh wow!" "Now where did that come from?" "I never remember seeing that there before" Daisy told them

"Who cares where it came from how we are going to go through it." "We don't have any canoes or life jackets"

Sammy added, "Maybe we should just find another way around it"

"No you heard Mr. Buggy; we've no choice but to go through it. "If we ever want to go back home again" Tommy answered him canoe or no canoes

Then huddled close together climbed to the top of water fall and jumped

"We're never going to make it," Puppy thought to herself as she closed her eyes and jumped. Puppy could hear Mr. Troll's voice in the wind

"Relax, you are all safe you helped save our land. "Now we'll return the favor and save you"

And a few seconds later, they were back on dry land

"Oh wow!" "We made it!" "We're back!" "This were the bus dropped us off" Tommy cried. And before any of them could answer him the bus driver walked over to them and said

"Sorry it took too long to fix the flat tire you can all get back on now." "And I'll drop you off at camp!"

Copyrights © belong to Jo 2006

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